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Hot Tub Removal Valparaiso

Hot Tub Removal Valparaiso

You take a look your backyard. You see the newly cut grass sitting pretty underneath your neatly trimmed tress. The kids smiling as they’re playing on newly constructed swing set. Your spouse is siting in a lawn chair, enjoying a nice book under the partly clouded sky. However, that old, crusty hot tub interrupts your daydream. You want to get rid of it, but the hassle of it is overwhelming. Getting cold feet about getting rid of your hot tub? We can help warm you up! Fire Dawgs Junk Removal can take care of your hot tub removal in Valparaiso!

Our Dawg Tough crew is at the ready to provide our award-winning service and take care of your hot tub removal. But just how does Fire Dawgs handle a hot tub removal?

How does Fire Dawgs Handle Hot Tub Removal in Valparaiso?

We start by sending out our well-trained, screened, and certified crews with 16 cubic yard mini dump trucks. Stocked with the necessary equipment, our two-man team will have the tools needed to take care of your hot tub removal in Valparaiso. Upon arrival, our certified crew chief will survey the scene to identify any potential complexities with your removal. Before any work commences, our crew chief will confirm the exact price with you. Giving you piece of mind in decision.

After confirmation, our team will begin the hot tub removal process. If the hot tub is small and easily accessible, our team will be able to move it in its entirety. Cutting may be required depending size or pathway to our truck based on its location. Additionally, our team will identify and maneuver around any obstacles in between the hot tub and our truck. While this sounds very accommodating to any given situation, you may be wondering the cost of your removal. So just what is the cost of your hot tub removal in Valparaiso?

But How Much Does it Cost?

At Fire Dawgs, we determine our prices based on the volume — or space — your items take up in our dump trucks. However, our pricing for hot tub removals work a little bit different. We start at a minimum of $290, and increase our price depending on the complexity of the hot tub removal.

What determines the price? The size of your hot tub, demolition, access to hot tub, and obstacles in the way. Labor, transportation, demolition — if needed — and disposal fees are all include in our cost! Click here to learn more about our pricing. Are you a veteran, active military, nurse, teacher, firefighter, EMS, or police officer? You are eligible for our community hero discount. Now that we explained our pricing, you may be wanting to get a estimate on your hot tub removal in Valparaiso. Are you ready for your free, in person estimate?

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Give our customer service team a call and they will walk you through the entire process of your hot tub removal in Valparaiso and answer any questions you have along way! Call 1-800-211-3294 to get started! Not able to call for whatever reason? We’ll call you! Contact us on our website and we’ll give you a call at a time that is convenient for you! Want to give us a preview of your hot tub? Send us pictures and videos anytime at 317-460-1398 to receive a quick and easy electronic estimate

Want to see how our team take care of hot tubs and other projects? Follow Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok to see our crews in action! We look forward to earning your business for hot tub removal in Valparaiso and to show you why we’re the Dawg Tough team that gets “IT” done!

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