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How to Remove a Swing Set

Oct 14, 2020 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

Removing a swing set can be a challenging task. As with any demolition, having the right tools and safety equipment is cruicial to the success of the project. However, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. Here are tips for How to Remove a Swing Set!

Tips for How to Remove a Swing Set

Before You Begin: Grab the Necessary Tools and Watch This Video 

Having the right tools can make or break your demolition. A sawzaw helps to cut and break down everything into manageable pieces, and safety glasses are a must to help protect from flying debris. Check out this video to watch how everything is broken down!

Step One: Assess the area

Make sure that before you begin to cut or move any parts of the swing set that there is nothing in the way that could be damaged or destroyed. It is often beneficial to flip up certain parts of the swing set to cut it better. Due to the weight of the swing set, this can be a hazard

Step Two: Cut extensions

By removing the different extensions, such as a slide, or the extension beam holding the swing set up, the rest of the swingset can  this leaves the main base of the swing set to be cut into more manageable pieces.

Step Three: Remove the roof

Assess which side you want the roof fall towards and cut the two supporting beams on the opposite side. If this does not allow you to remove the roof, cut the other two beams, and flip over accordingly.

Step Four: Dismantling the Core

Now that the roof has been removed, follow this same process for the rest of the core swing set. Ultimately you should be left with the base

Step Five: Removal of the Base

Flipping up the base will help to cut it into a smaller piece, and this makes it more compact and easier to manage.

Now you know how to remove a swing set! While these steps will help you to tackle the task of removing that old swing set, is there a better option? That’s where Fire Dawgs comes in!

What Does Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Do?

We send out crews in two man teams in a mini dump truck. We come prepared with the full suite of equipment needed to tackle the job in a quick and efficient manner. Additionally, pricing also includes the removal of the dismantled shed! We make sure to expertly make sure everything is removed and properly cleaned up. To find out more, click here!

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