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Shed Removal Columbus OH

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Does your property have a shed that you’re looking to get rid of? Need it gone in a jiffy, but don’t have the time or means to successfully do it yourself? Are you looking for a team of trusted and insured demolition experts to do the job in a fast, complete, and timely manner? Then look no further than Fire Dawgs! Fire Dawgs Junk Removal can take care of your shed removal Columbus OH! But why choose Fire Dawgs?

At Fire Dawgs, our team of Tough Dawgs take on the jobs that the other guys won’t and get “IT” done — no matter what “IT” is! We take pride in treating every customer the way we would want our family to be treated by providing award-winning service for each and every project! But how does Fire Dawgs help with shed removal Columbus OH? Read on to find out more information.

Shed Removal Columbus OH


  1. Give us a ring at 614-758-DAWG or contact us by visiting our website.
  2. One of our office team members will guide you through the process and schedule your shed demolition Columbus OH.
  3. When you appointment date comes, our crew will arrive promptly in your slotted timeframe.
  4. Our team members will greet you before getting a better idea about your service.
  5. The crew will check out your shed and determine the best way to remove it.
  6. Then, will give you the final quote on your shed disposal Columbus OH. 
  7. Either accept or decline the price given, no extra cost to you!
  8. Upon acceptance our team will begin you Columbus OH shed removal.
  9. Our crew work swiftly, providing you updates as need be throughout your serivce.
  10. When done, our team will cleanup, collect a form of payment, thank you for your patronage, and be off!
  11. Two days after your service, our office will call you to make sure you had a great experience with Dawg Tough team that gets “IT” done!


  • Shed removal are estimated on the size and scope of your demo.
  • The bigger and more time consuming your project is, the more it goes up in cost.
  • We provide a firm, free, no-obligation estimate for every shed demolition project!
  • Total cost includes all the labor, transportation, and disposal fees at one all-inclusive price.
  • If all possible, we reuse, recycle, or donate 60% of the items we haul away for our customers! 
  • Get $20 off your service by using our online portal.
  • Save you 10% on your service if you qualify for Community Hero Discount.
  • Check out our customer loyalty program to see how you can save on future services with Fire Dawgs!

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Our customer service team is standing by, ready to get you on our schedule for your shed removal Columbus OH! Give us a dial at 614-758-DAWG or contact us online to schedule your free, in-person estimate. Need more information or have questions about our Columbus OH junk removal and demolition services? Then get in touch with us at 317-597-4744 and our office will get back to you ASAP!

At Fire Dawgs, our mission statement: “Build Leaders And Pursue Growth While Providing Award Winning Service.” We believe in our mission to build leaders not just in our company, but in the communities we service. To do this, we pride ourselves in providing excellence customer service for each and everyone of our clients. Check out our reviews page to see what clients are saying about our award-winning service.

Before you go, see all the work our team does by following us on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter see our crews in action! We hope to serve YOU soon and provide you with our award-winning service in Columbus OH.

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