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Tear Outs on Rehab Properties

May 19, 2014 | Blog, Services We Provide

Tear Outs on Rehab Properties

Real estate investors are good at what they do because they can look at an eye sore and recognize the potential within. Often times, this is beneficial to both the investor and the community because they are able to take an otherwise ugly duckling and turn it into the swan of the street thereby improving the value of the duckling and the surrounding homes and neighborhood. However, before this beautiful transformation can take place, one has to work through the mess, debris and decaying property. An integral part is getting that property back to neutral which is why investors often need tear outs on rehab properties.

tear outs on rehab properties

Fire Dawgs Can Do the Demolition and Tear Out for Your Rehab Properties

I started as a real estate investor fixing up condemned and dilapidated properties. When I’d go into these properties to start work, we always needed tear outs on rehab properties before we could start on re-plumbing, running electrical, framing, etc. Often times, we’d have to take these types of properties down to the studs so we had a blank canvas so to speak. In doing so, we created a big mess of remodeling debris. As such, we needed construction debris removal. When I did the tear outs on rehab properties myself, I would rent a dumpster and fill it up as I tore it down. However, when I had multiple projects going at once, I would hire a sub-contractor for the demolition services.

demolition services

Fire Dawgs Provides Demolition Services for Homeowners and Contractors

Unfortunately, it was hard to find a reliable company that could perform the work at my standards. Not to mention, the companies I was able to find were unreliable, unprofessional, rarely on time and put together rag tag crews that I wouldn’t trust in my own home. After selling my real estate business, I wanted to start a business that focused on this service and did so with the investor and home owner in mind. Our company specializes in junk removal and tear outs on rehab properties while specializing on customers service, professionalism and providing reputable employees.

Call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected] to learn more about our process and if you need tear outs on rehab properties regularly then set up a meeting with one of our owners to discuss our investor pricing guide. Take care!

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