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Wood and Lumber Pickup and Removal

Jul 1, 2012 | Blog, Services We Provide

Recently, a customer called us because they had hired a remodeling contractor to take down their deck and assumed that he would haul away their old deck after he had ripped it into pieces. Unfortunately, a lot of so called contractors out there do not operate under a professional standard and will look for any opportunity to make a quick buck and get out of real work that requires you to earn what you are paid for. These sketchy, out of  a pick up truck with no standard operations are not the go to companies for wood and lumber pickup in Indianapolis. Inevitably, what will happen is that you would be left with a headache, poor service and will end up shelling out more money that you had originally anticipated, not to mention the money you are out with the unsavory remodelor.

As this customer found out, sometimes you get what you pay for. When you try to nickel and dime a services company for the lowest price, sometimes you will get the lowest level of customer service. This contractor ripped up the deck and demanded payment for work completed while leaving the pile of lumber and wood. She then called us and we picked up the slack. We put her mind at ease and ensured her that it would be a painless process from here on out. Not only did she understand what you lose by saving $25-50 on finding the cheapest option, she went with our reasonably priced, affordable operation and saw what it’s like to hire a professional, customer oriented operation.

Our service is not the cheapest option, but when it comes to junk removal Indianapolis residents needs, we certainly are not the most expensive either. We are in the middle of the price scale. We will always lose out to the uninsured, pick up truck operations, but we will also always beat the corporate, franchised operations. We compete with like minded companies that are similar in size to our company, but where we beat everyone is our unparalleled customer service. Our removers are off duty firefighters that are screened and considerate thus putting the customers at ease while we do all the heavy junk hauling and trash removal for our customers.

When you need hauling, trash pickup or general services, call the off duty firefighters from Fire Dawgs at 317-291-DAWG or email us at [email protected]

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