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10 Ways to Get Organized on National Get Organized Day

Apr 24, 2023 | Blog, Home, Home Organization, Tips and How Tos

Is your home in desperate need of getting organized? Well do we have good news for you! April 26th is National Get Organized Day, and here at Fire Dawgs we want to get help you get organized! But how can we help? Fire Dawgs Junk Removal has put together a list of 10 Ways to Get Organized on National Get Organized Day. Keep reading to learn more!

10 Ways to Get Organized on National Get Organized Day

List Of Ways To Get Organized

  1. Sets Goals — When you first set out to get your home or space organized, you need to prioritize what you want to get accomplished. We recommend making three solid goals that you want to have completed following your organizing. When you set specific goals with steps and a timeline, you can organize your work into more manageable tasks.
  2. Make To-Do Lists — Now that you have your goals, you can create a to-do list with tasks to accomplish for each goal it falls under. This will help you track your progress and your productivity while you are organizing. As you begin to get organized, you can cross out each task upon completion. This will ultimately keep you motivated and help you visualize your progress throughout.
  3. Delegate Tasks — Don’t take on this organization task alone! Recruit your family or some friends to help you clean and tidy up your space. This will help you divide up the labor and accomplish your goal of organizing much faster!
  4. Declutter Your Space — When you first start organizing, you should gather and group all your clutter and other junk that you’re looking to get rid of. This way you won’t have to waste time dealing with items that you and your family no longer have a need for. But wait! Don’t just go tossing out your items! Consider donating or recycling items that can be reused. Then, begin organizing and grouping items that belong together. For example — blankets and couch pillows should be stored together.
  5. Create Designated Spaces For Items — Now that you’ve cleaned up your space, you can begin organizing your items by designating spaces around your home where items can be stored. Choose places that are logical for your group of items to be stored. For example — yard and outdoor equipment should be stored in your garage or shed, rather than indoors.
  6. Use Labels — Now that you have begin to assort your items into its new home, don’t be afraid to label these areas! Labels on cabinets, counters, shelves, doors, etc… can help you save time in the future when you are looking for things and help you and others remember where to store things after they are no longer being used.
  7. Hooks And Hangers — Help save space in closets by using hangers to hang your clothing items. This will allow you minimize the amount of space your clothing items take up — not to mention save you from having to fold! Additionally, putting hooks on the back of doors can be a great way to hang frequently used clothing items, without having to dig through the closest each and every time!
  8. Utilize Vertical Spaces — Speaking of closest, don’t be afraid to utilize all the space that is in them! Using every nook and cranny your selves have to offer to maximize the allot space your closet provides. Words to wise — put heavier items on the bottom, and lighter objects up higher. You’ll save yourself from bonking your head with a heavy boot!
  9. Use Baskets And Containers — A great way to conserve space in open areas around your home is to put your items in baskets and containers. This way, the items are out of sight, but are in an easily accessible storage unit to be used when ready. Additionally, your items are now more portable and can be moved easily.
  10. Set Cleaning Schedule — Finally, you didn’t do all that work for nothing! Save your future self from all the time and hassle by scheduling a cleaning day weekly to help maintain organization and sanitary conditions.

We hope we provided you with helpful tips on 10 Ways to Get Organized on National Get Organized Day! But are you looking for help with getting organized that involves getting rid of all your useless junk and clutter? Are you interested in a team of fully licensed and assured junk removal professionals to help you load, haul, and properly dispose of your items? Then look no further than Fire Dawgs Junk Removal! But why choose Fire Dawgs?

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