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Above Ground Pool Removal Lafayette IN

Above Ground Pool Removal Lafayette IN

With summer almost here, now is the time to clean up your property in preparation for all those fun Summer activities! One item that may be a big burden to remove is your above ground pool. What can be done about it? Keep reading to find out more!

How Can I Remove My Above Ground Pool Removal in Lafayette IN?

The first option for above ground pool removal in Lafayette IN is to do it yourself! While time intensive, it can be a simple project to complete. But what do you need, and how do you do it?

Whenever you are removing your above ground pool yourself, there are several considerations before you even begin the project. First, you want to make sure that you have the proper tools and equipment for the pool demolition. The easiest way to dismantle the pool is with a reciprocating saw. Having this, as well as a truck or other vehicle to load the debris into will be sure to expedite the process. Second, be sure to have the pool drained and disconnected from all electrical sources before any cutting begins. Once these have been completed, it is as simple as making cuts along the frame to break it down into sections, and then loading them into the vehicle. However, another challenge you may face is where to take the remnants. This adds more time to the project.

There is a simpler option: Fire Dawgs Junk Removal!

Fire Dawgs comes out in a 16 cubic yard mini dump truck with a two person crew to do all the demolition, labor, transportation, and disposal of the pool. The truck is packed to the brim of tools to adapt to any challenges your pool might throw at us. Before we begin, we will confirm an exact price, as well as provide a final walkthrough, ensuring satisfaction with our service. While this may sound perfect and time saving, how much will it cost?

If I Hire Fire Dawgs, How Much Will It Cost?

Whenever Fire Dawgs has a demolition project, we ensure that the price includes the demolition, labor of hauling the debris, transportation, and disposal fees. We start at our minimum of $500 for our demolition services, but the price would need to be confirmed with one of our free in person estimates. What counts as a demolition? Any time our crew needs to do excessive cutting or dismantling, the project would be a demo. Some examples of this can include sheds, fences, interior spaces, and of course, pools. How do we provide the estimate? Fire dawg’s estimates are provided by our professional estimators, or certified crew chiefs, so you can feel confident in a price before we even begin the work. But how exactly can you get set up with an estimate?

Our Crew is Standing by to Help YOU!

How can you get your free, in person estimate? Calling our friendly, helpful customer service representatives of course! You can reach them today at 765-820-3294. Are you unable to call for any reason? We have your back! Click here to leave us a contact form, and we will find the best time to reach out to you and discuss the details of your project! Do you want to show us some pictures or videos of the above ground pool, so we can provide a quick electronic estimate without coming out? Text them to us at 317-460-1398.

While we have done many pools, Fire Dawgs is proud of all the property transformations that we have helped with! Do you want to see more of what we can do for you? Be sure to follow Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you, earning your business, and providing award winning service!

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