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Apartment Clean Out in Muncie

Apartment Clean Out in Muncie

When you get ready to move, often there are lots of assorted items that you will not wish to take with you. Sometimes these items have accumulated over large periods of time, and can feel overwhelming. So what should you do when you need an apartment clean out in Muncie? Call the experts at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal! But how exactly can we help you?

How can Fire Dawgs help with my apartment Clean out in Muncie

Fire Dawgs have the tough dawgs that get “IT” done! This means that if your items are large, heavy, and in hard to reach places, we can remove it for you! Our two person crew comes out with a mini dump truck to remove everything in your apartment clean out. Additionally, we have the proper tools and equipment to adapt to your unique needs.

The best part? Fire Dawgs does our best to dontate, reuse, or recycle your items! From furniture, to boxed clothing items, we are able to find a new home! Unsure if your items should be donated or not? We haul them away at the same time and sort for you, so you don’t have to stress! But how much will all of this cost?

How much will my apartment clean out cost?

We base our pricing on the volume that your items take up inside of our mini dump truck. This is where a free, firm, no obligation in person estimate helps to determine just how much of our truck the items in your apartment clean out in Muncie will fill up. Our pricing starts at our minimum, which is the volume that a refrigerator would take up. That is $130.

The price will increase based on how much volume everything will take up inside of our truck. Our trained and certified crew have the proper experience to estimate your project before they begin. This means that you will receive an exact price before the crew removes any items! As long as the estimate is agreeable with you, we will begin your apartment clean out in Muncie. If not, you would send the crew on their way at no cost to you! Are you ready to set up your free estimate?

How Can I set up my Apartment Clean Out in Muncie?

Give us a call at 317-291-3294 to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate today! Our experienced customer service representatives will walk you through step by step any questions you may have about your apartment clean out. Are you unable to call? Contact us online here and we will reach out to you! Maybe you have some great pictures or videos, highlighting the project you are looking to have completed! Text them to us at 317-460-1398.

We understand that a picture can mean a thousand words. That is why we love to show off our amazing Fire Dawgs crew and the transformations they help with! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to see the latest with our team! Fire Dawgs looks forward to serving you.

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