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Hot Tub Removal Cost

Aug 3, 2018 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering about hot tub removal cost? We have answers to your questions here! The average cost of hot tub removal is going to dependent on the complexity of the job. We’ve removed hot tubs from concrete, decks, and even indoors. So, every hot tub removal job is definitely unique. Here’s the good news. We’ve done so many hot tubs jobs that we can give you a good idea on average hot tub removal cost. Our hot tub removal cost here in Indianapolis is comparable to the national average, so here goes!

How Much Does Hot Tub Removal Cost?

Hot Tub Removal CostNormally, we base our junk removal pricing off of volume and allot up to two hours for a full truck load. For this regular full service junk removal, the price is dependent upon how much space your items take up in our 15.5 cubic yard mini dump truck. Our pricing includes the labor of our 2 men removing the items, transportation fees and most associated disposal costs. The junk removal cost also includes our efforts to reuse, recycle or donate the items on your behalf. If we can donate them, we will send the tax deductible receipt back to you.

However, with Hot Tub Removal, we won’t be able to donate the item, but we will be able to recycle some of the components. Regarding price, we have a flat fee for Hot Tub Removal services that range from $250-$400 dependent upon the size of the hot tub and complexities involved with the job. Since this is a flat fee item, coupons cannot be applied to this service. If customers are comfortable with that price range, then the next step is that we schedule an appointment.

Again, we have removed HUNDREDS (and hundreds) of hot tubs. Our hot tub removal pricing is extremely competitive for  the Indianapolis area. Furthermore, we match or do better than any written quote from another junk removal company. We hope we’ve answer your question about hot tub removal cost. Be sure to give us a call at 312-291-3294 or Contact Us online if you have questions or would like to schedule a free estimate with Fire Dawgs!

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