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How Long Do Swing Sets Last?

May 21, 2021 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions, Tips and How Tos

Whether you’re looking to buy a new swing set or your looking to have one removed, you may be wondering: How Long Do Swing Sets Last? There are a few different factors that effect how long a swing set will last. The short answer is, about 15 years. However, as a company that removes old swing sets a lot the time, we can definitely tell you- They Don’t Make Em’ Like They Used To! Let’s take a closer look at factors that effect swing set life expectancy.

What Swing Sets Last the Longest?

How Long Do Swing Sets Last

A high quality wooden swing set can last over 20 years. Emphasis on the high quality aspect here. All wooden swing sets are not the same. The best thing you can do to ensure that you are getting a high quality wooden swing set is go see it in person! There are many outdoor play equipment retailers that have show rooms. Generally, this type of store will have many high quality options available. Many people chose cedar swing sets, as they are durable and insect resistant. Pine is not a great choice for swing set wood!

You can get wooden swing sets at big box stores as well. However, we once again suggest going to check out the quality yourself before you buy. We have had customers report that they ordered a wooden play set online, and the quality of the wooden was terrible and the swing set itself was flimsy and not durable. These types of wooden swing sets will probably last you around 5-7 years, and we haul them away for customers all the time.

In general, a highly quality wooden swing set will last longer than a poorly made metal swing set. However, a metal swing set can last 15 years if it is well-maintained. Metal swing sets can also be recycled almost completely when they are finished being used.

 How to Make Your Swing Set Last Longer

At Fire Dawgs, we remove and haul away a lot of old swing sets. So, if you’re wondering, How Long Do Swing Sets Last?, here are some ways to make your play set last longer!

  1. Apply a Sealer if it is Wooden. You can also paint or stain your swing set every few years.
  2. Anti-Rust Metal Protectant if Your Swing Set is Metal (these are called corrosion inhibitors, here’s one from WD-40)
  3. Bring in the Accessories During the Winter- This makes them last longer!
  4. Keep it Clean! Be sure to clean any mildew or dirt from the surfaces of the swing set. Learn more about how to Clean a Back Yard Play Set here. 

We hope we’ve helped answer How Long Do Swing Sets Last? Be sure to check out Ways to Repurpose Old Swing Sets here!


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