How much does it cost for brush removal?

Mar 12, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is that it varies and is dependent upon the amount of brush needing removed. Want some good news? We are able to 100% Recycle natural yard waste and brush so long as it is not mixed in with pre-treated lumber or other non-organic materials. Now, it still costs us a fee to recycle yard waste and brush, however, it is far less than what it costs for typical household item junk removal.

How much does it cost for brush removal?

Brush Removal before clean up
Brush Removal Before

That being said, let’s get in to answering your question more accurately. For brush and yard waste, we have four different price points with the minimum starting at $100. To give you an idea of what this price point gets you, we use the “Pickup Truck” analogy as it gives customers an illustrative example to use when trying to quantify their load size. One pickup truck load of brush is about a ¼ of our mini dump truck and classifies as our minimum price point.

Now, when we say a pickup truck load, we aren’t talking about brush stacked 20 feet in the air and falling out of the sides tied down with rope. We mean what would fit in the truck bed of a normal size pickup. Again, this is just a good example to try and help you understand our price points.

The next price point is $200 and is half of our mini dump truck, which is about 2 pickup truck loads. Our next price point up is $300 and is about 3 pickup truck loads of brush. That’s a ¾ price point for our mini dump truck. The final price point is $400 and is a full load for our mini dump trucks. A full load with us is about 4-5 full pickup truck loads of brush.

Brush Removal After

Now, customers need to remember that our pricing includes our transportation of the brush to a disposal site, our labor involved with the removal process as well as our associated recycling fees. We have an eco-friendly solution for yard waste and brush which involves recycling all organic waste into much and other useful purposes. If you have additional questions, please call 317-291-DAWG or email

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