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How Much to Clean Debris from a Home

Jun 18, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

How Much to Clean Debris from a Home?

Our pricing varies depending on the amount and size items being removed as well as the complexity of the work involved; however, our pricing includes all of our labor to remove the items regardless of where they are located at on the property. It also includes all associated fuel fees, disposal fees and recycling fees making us an efficient alternative when needing muscle to remove the items and a disposal solution to have them hauled away. On the low end for a small job, prices start at $105. On the high end, for a large job with a lot cubic yardage, we could be as high as $500.

We try to continue separating ourselves from a typical junk removal company by placing an emphasis on recycling, reusing or donating as many items as possible before ever taking those items to a transfer station or landfill. By doing so, we are able to Recycle, Reuse or Donate over 60% of the items we are hired to remove and haul away. When able to donate certain items on behalf of our customers, we will send the tax deductible receipt back to the customer so they get credit for the donations.

How Much to Clean Debris from a Home
Debris Pile in a Home

Our estimating process is also very convenient. Customers can call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected] to discuss their project and removal needs. They can also visit our load size calculator by visiting in order to get an idea of their load size. After having gotten familiar with the work involved, we can typically narrow down a relative load size or price range. At that time, we can schedule an appointment for our screened, uniformed professionals to arrive at which time they will provide an exact, firm, free and no obligation quote to perform the work. If the customer agrees to the price, then we get to work right away and will sweep up upon completion of the work; thereby leaving the space better than when we found it. If customers do not agree to the price, then we shake hands and go on our way!

In addition to residential and commercial junk removal services, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal also provides demo, tear out and property preservation services. If you have additional questions, please call or email our customer care center at the aforementioned number and email address.

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