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How to Dispose of Old Exercise Equipment

Aug 19, 2019 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions, Tips and How Tos

Have you ever picked up a treadmill before? They are extremely heavy to move, and they are especially difficult and awkward to get down stairs. Are you in a situation where you are trying to figure out how to get rid of your unwanted exercise equipment? Is it stressing you out? We have some options to help you figure out how to dispose of old exercise equipment. Your options will vary depending on where you live. So, definitely keep that in mind as you are reading the list below.

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Tips for How to Dispose of Old Exercise Equipment

First, you have to decide if you are able to transport or get it to a place that can be pick up easily. That is where you have to start. Your weekly trash company will not come in your home or on your property to get items or move things for you.

So, if you can’t get items down stairs, out of the basement, or out to the curb, here are your options. 

  • Call a Junk Removal Company– Yes, we are a junk removal company. But, this is truly the easiest and least stressful option for getting rid of heavy exercise equipment. A good, professional junk removal company will have insured technicians who know how to remove your treadmill, weight bench, or other heavy exercise equipment without damaging your walls and floors. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about hospital bills from trying to get the treadmill, elliptical, or other piece of equipment down stairs or out doorways.
  • Ask a Friend or Family Member– You always ask a friend or family member if he or she needs the exercise equipment. However, we’ve witnessed family feuds over  family members trying to get a treadmill down some steep stairs.
  • Post it Online– You can definitely post your unwanted exercise equipment online or on social media. Here’s what you have to be prepared for though. Random strangers in your home, uninsured to move items in your home. If damage is done in the process of moving any items, you are unfortunately liable.
  • Donate It– Some local charities will take WORKING exercise equipment. However, you will most likely have to transport it to the donation facility. Also, they will plug it in when you get there to make sure it is in working order. If it is not, you’ll have to dispose of it on your own. Make sure you call to check if the donation facility accepts working exercise equipment before you drive it there.
    • Most professional junk removal companies (like Fire Dawgs) will actually try to donate your unwanted equipment instead of simply tossing it in the landfill. So, this is any option if you want to donate your exercise equipment but don’t want to do the heavy lifting and transportation of the equipment.

How to Dispose of Non-working or Broken Exercise Equipment? 

  • Your weekly trash company may or may not take exercise equipment on heavy trash days. You will need to reach out to your trash company to see if this is on option for you.
  • You can lift it, load it, and drive it to a landfill yourself.
  • Or, you can hire a junk removal company to do all the heavy lifting, loading, and recycling for you. Yes, recycling. At Fire Dawgs, we try to recycle as much as we can if we can’t donate items. This is a huge benefit of hiring us for exercise equipment removal.

We hope we’ve help explain How to Dispose of Old Exercise Equipment. Be sure to comment if there are any options we missed!

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