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How to Keep Your House Clean

Sep 4, 2015 | Blog, Home Organization

At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we are all about clean, organized, clutter-free spaces. There are definitely some pretty sweet cleaning schedules out there on Pinterest and sites like Apartment Therapy that can help you find useful tips for How to Keep Your House Clean.

Below are our Top Five Tips for how to keep your house clean. We have scoured the web and enlisted our resident clean freaks and organization specialists at Fire Dawgs to weigh in on the best tips for How to Keep Your House Clean, and here they are:

5 Tips for How to Keep Your House Clean

1. Floors…Twice a Week

How to Keep Your House Clean Floors

Clean Floors at Least twice a Week

Cleaning your floors regularly is imperative for keeping a clean home. Keeping dirt and debris off of floors, keep this stuff from building up elsewhere- on your furniture, baseboards etc. The Carpet and Rug Institutes suggests that you vacuum twice a week. Also, make sure your clean your tile, laminate, and wood at least once a week.

2. Shoes Off at the Door

Kicking off your shoes at the door prevents grass, dirt, and other debris from making its way throughout your house. This will also help your floors stay cleaner for longer.

3. Start Your Day…with Laundry.

Wanna reduce the stress that comes with mounds of dirty laundry? Start your day with a cup of coffee and a load of laundry. Just throw a load in when you wake up and dry and fold either throughout the day or when you get home from work.

4. End Your Day…with Dishes

Empty Your Sink Every Evening

Waking up to a pile of dirty dishes in the sink is just downright depressing. So, make sure to do your dirty dishes or throw them in the dishwasher before you go to bed. If you have time, rinse out and dry your sink to remove debris, odors and spots. Removing the spots quickly helps them from becoming stains if they set.

5. Regularly Remove Clutter

Ok, don’t freak out, but the average American receives about 30 pounds of junk mail a year! That’s a lot of clutter on your counters. So, go paperless with billing and magazine subscriptions.

Also, if you can go through your drawers, closets, and other cluttered spaces and make a pile for charitable donations. This will make you feel great, help others in needs, and ensure that you keep a clean and clutter-free home. Oh, and if you need help- Fire Dawgs offers a donation pick up service for a great price. You point, we pick it all up, and donate it on your behalf. We will even send you a tax deductible receipt to use at tax time.

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We hope our tips for How to Keep Your House Clean have been helpful. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a clutter removal or cleaning service with the Dawgs. You can call us at 317-291-DAWG. Or, email us anytime at Have a clean and clutter-free day!

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