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Moving Help in Bloomington

Moving from place to place is challenging, especially if you have to do it yourself. A debilitating injury, bad timing, or even a global pandemic makes the simplest tasks difficult. As a college student, time is even harder to find. Between classes, extra curricular activities, and the tossing and turning of life, moving can potentially be a make or break for the semester. But how can you make things easier on yourself? Call Fire Dawgs for moving help in Bloomington! 

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First, it is important to not injure yourself. Simple equipment such as shoulder dollies can help prevent long term wear or injury. Additionally, items such as furniture sliders help protect the space as items get shuffled around, keeping you from losing that safety deposit! In addition, one of the first things that typically get thrown out the window when under any pressure is organization. The crunch of moving can not undermine the necessity of having a strong, well thought out organization. Some ideas to help would include marking boxes with what room they should go in, not over packing boxes to reduce strain, and packing items safely to reduce damage in transit. 

Now that you are ready to move, what steps are next? It takes a crew to get this job done!

Option 1: Fire Dawgs

When you hire the right team to get a project done, the stress and logistical complications of moving just melt away. At Fire Dawgs, we provide the muscle behind your project. Our 2 hour labor only moving can cover a variety of moving needs, such as taking heavy and awkward items from upstairs, an attic, or a basement, to moving them into a Uhaul truck or a pod. This saves you all the time spent moving into time spent doing.

Option 2: Grab some friends

Sometimes it’s okay to put those friendships to good use. Whether it be a classmate, a IU fraternity brother or sorority sister, or a family member, getting an extra pair of hands can be the make or break to that big job. Just be sure to be ready to provide something to say thank you for all of their hard work!

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