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Office Moving and Junk Removal

Aug 5, 2012 | Blog, Services We Provide

Making the decision to move your business is more than just, well, a business decision. Often times, it comes with a little emotion as that office space has been like a second home for a large part of your life. It’s the space where you took your vision and made it into a reality so now that you’re looking for a company to help with your office moving and junk removal Indianapolis can trust, it may seem a little bittersweet. That first conference table you purchased being hauled off makes you think of the first big deal you struck or reminds you of the late nights strategizing for the next big move.

With our removal and hauling business, we can relate to the emotional attachment and that’s why we offer our full service office moving and junk removal service. We know that you need to get things from point A to B, but you also need to have someone get rid of all the left over junk and unwanted items that remain. However, we also understand that since there may be this level of attachment that it’s important for you to see those things go somewhere other than the dump or transfer station if possible. That’s why we partner with a variety of charitable organizations so that before we ever have to take things to the dump, we have exhausted every other alternative outlet so that we can put your mind at ease and be good tenants of the environment.

Perhaps we’ve got it all wrong and it’s not an emotional decision. This space has always been the road block between you and your shop closer to the action! Well, let us help you get there. Our crew is professional, efficient and can take care of business around your schedule. We can go through your property and take it from cluttered to bare bones in a single day and have done so on a number of occassions. Don’t worry, we still take an eco-friendly approach regardless of your level of attachment and when appropriate we will send back any tax deductible receipts that we were able to obtain on your behalf.

Whether it’s junk removal,  or just a need for labor and moving, our full service junk removal and moving company has the equipment and manpower to make your transition to the next level of doing business.

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