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Who can pick up used furniture?

Mar 8, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Great questions and there are a variety of different answers. Some charitable organizations will pickup used furniture, but they want you to get the item to a certain location within the house so they don’t have to do too much work. This isn’t because they’re lazy, it’s because sometimes it’s just a one man crew that only has a dolly. Other organizations will pickup used furniture anywhere in the house, but will only take certain pieces of furniture. This is because some organizations rely on the profit from the sale of re-used items to fund their non-profit, i.e. the thrift store Goodwill.

Fire Dawgs Picking up used furniture

Fire Dawgs Picking Up Used furniture

If you are looking for an all-inclusive option, then a junk removal company is your best option. In example, if you had a large pile of items that you wanted removed from your basement, but wanted some, if not all, of those items to be donated, then we would be able to perform the removal and the donation. You see, we provide the labor, regardless of where the items are in the house, to remove and haul away and unwanted items. In doing so, we place an earnest effort on recycling, reusing, repurposing and donating as many of the items that we can so that we keep unnecessary things out of the landfill. When we are able to donate items, then we send the tax deductible receipt back to the customer.

Now that you know a little bit about who can pick up used furniture, your next question may be about cost. Below is a brief description on our pricing for

Household Items:

Our pricing varies and is dependent upon the amount and type of materials being removed. For typical household items, we charge based on volume or the amount of space that your items take up in our truck. Our mini dump trucks can hold 15.5 cubic yards worth of unwanted items which is the equivalent of 4-5 full pickup truck loads. Our minimum price point is $105 for a single item pickup or a small load. At the top end of our pricing structure is a full load that is priced at $500. Take a look at our Household Items Calculator by scrolling over the fractions and different price points. Within our pricing are the cost for fuel, all associated labor, our transportation to multiple recycling centers, donation centers and disposal sites, as well as all associated costs for dump fees.

We Pick Up Used Furniture

What separates us from the typical removal and hauling operation is what we do with the items being removed. We are able to Recycle, Reuse or Donate over 60% of the items that we haul away keeping a majority of our loads out of the landfill. We place an emphasis on both the customer and our part in taking care of the environment. Please email [email protected] if you have additional questions or call 1-800-712-JUNK


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