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Senior Downsizing Services Northwest Indiana

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Are you downsizing your home or moving to a smaller property? Looking for a reliable team to assist in your big life change? Then give the trusted and insured team at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal a call and we’ll help with your senior downsizing services Northwest Indiana. But why choose Fire Dawgs? Learn more below.

Senior Downsizing Services Northwest Indiana


So what does Fire Dawgs do to help with Northwest Indiana senior downsizing services? We do this with our residential junk removal Valparaiso and labor only moving Valparaiso. But what do these services look like?

Residential Junk Removal Valparaiso

What do our junk removal services look like? For starters, we send a two-person crew to your home or property. They come while a cleaned, logoed, and fully equipped 16-cubic yard dump truck to help you solve any service you need done. But what happens once we’re on site? Our team will introduce themselves and learn more about your needs. Then they will tour the area and get eyes on all the items you want gone. Finally, our crew chief will provide you with a firm, free, final quote on your junk hauling service. You can accept or deny your estimate with no charge to you! Then our team will load up your items, clean up, give a final tour, and collect payment. It’s that simple! But what is the cost?

We base our cost on the amount of volume we haul away during your senior downsizing service Northwest Indiana. We start a at pick-up truck minimum and go up to a full size dump truck load. Included in your quote is all the labor, hauling, and disposal fees wrapped into one pice. The best part? We reuse, recycle, or donate 60% of the items we haul away for our customers! Making us your eco-friendly option for your downsizing project. But what if you need items move around your home or to another location? That’s where our labor only services come in!

Labor Only Moving Valparaiso

Have items that you need moved? We can assist with that as well! Our strong backs and steady hands can help you move your items around your home or to your new location. But does Fire Dawgs help transport your items for moving? No. Fire Dawgs does not transport you items during our labor only moving service. It is required that you provide your own transportation vehicle to load your items in. However, we’ll gladly assist in helping you unload all your items at your new location. But what is the cost of this service?

We charge for you labor only moving service in two-hour time blocks. We start at a minimum of two, and go up to a full day at eight-hours! For each additional two-hour time block, we increase the price for your service. The clock is running once the service is started and we do not go over the time requested! If your service is done before time expires, you are still required to pay the amount in full. View our pricing page for more information.

Like what you hear and want the Tough Dawgs that get “IT” done to hep with your senior downsizing services in Northwest Indiana? Great! Read on to find out more on how to book your project with Fire Dawgs!

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Our team is ready to serve YOU! Pick-up the phone at 219-280-DAWG or contact us online and our team will help you book your senior downsizing services Northwest Indiana. Text our office at 317-597-4744 with any questions you have on your service or any other Northwest Indiana junk removal service.

Our mission statement: “Build Leaders And Pursue Growth While Providing Award Winning Service.” At Fire Dawgs, we believe in our mission to build leaders not just at Fire Dawgs, but in the communities we service. We do this by providing excellence customer service for each and everyone of our clients. Check out our reviews page to see what our past customers are saying about our award-winning service. Check out our community hero discount to see if you qualify for savings.

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