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Things to Throw Away Today

Jan 7, 2017 | Blog, Home Organization

Is your goal to start the process of organization and decluttering? If so, you’re making the right choice! Having a home full of clutter and disorganized items can severely affect your mood. A clutter-free, organized home will help you to feel less stressed and more positive. We all know that a completely clutter-free doesn’t happen over night. One way to tackle the clutter monster is to organize a “throw away day” once a month. On this day, you can toss some of the items listed below. Here is a list of things to throw away today!

35 Things to Throw Away Today!

35 Things to Throw Away to Today

Don’t hold on to these items any longer. These are things to throw away today! Check out our room-by room list, and start to purge these items for a cleaner, more organized space. Your soul will thank you for it!

Living Room

  1. Old Magazines: Trash the old magazines now! You might be saving them to re-read or for ideas. Clip out the ideas or articles, and place them in a file or binder. Recycle the stacks of magazines! Chances are, you aren’t going to read them again…or ever.
  2. Paperback Books: Holding on to paperback books you’ve already read? No need! Donate them to little free libraries, nursing homes, hospitals, or shelters in your community.
  3. Games That Have Missing Pieces: If a game has missing pieces, it needs to go!
  4. Outdated Electronics: Are you saving old TVs and Computers, cause you’ve been meaning to recycle them? Wait no more! Call a company like Fire Dawgs to remove and recycle your unwanted, outdated e-waste. But please! Don’t let them pile up in your living areas.
  5. Old Toys: Have some old toys that the kids no longer play with? Have a yard sale and get rid of them! Better yet, donate them to local shelters or child care centers in need.
  6. DVDs and CDs: Are you still holding on to your CD collection from the 90s? It’s time to start throwing out and recycling the DVDs and CDs that you no longer use.


  1. Old, Outdated Medicine: Toss old and outdated medicine. Some communities (like Indianapolis) have ToxDrops where you can safely get rid of old prescription medicine. Some pharmacies also take unwanted or expired medication. Just call ahead to be sure!Things to Throw Away Expired Medicine
  2. Old Makeup: Makeup has an expiration date. Look through your products and throw away anything that is outdated or items that you don’t use. Our rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used a product in 6 months, toss it!
  3. Old Toiletries: Toiletries also have expiration dates too. Throw out the expired ones. Also, if you haven’t used a product in 6 months, but your holding on to it for some reason, get rid of it!
  4. Stinky Towels: If you’ve tried every trick on Pinterest and your towels still smell like mildew. It’s time for them to go.
  5. Travel Sized Toiletries: For some reason, people hold on to these! Be for real. You’re never going to use that weird smelling stuff. Throw it out!
  6. Bags and Packaging from Toilet Paper etc.: Do you remove the toilet paper and then stuff the plastic into a cabinet because you’re rushed? Stop that! Take the time and recycle the plastic in the moment, so you don’t have to worry about it later.
  7. Old, Dried Up Nail Polish: Get rid of nail polish that is yucky and hasn’t been used in months. There’s a reason that you’re not using it!
  8. Old Toothbrushes: Are you hoarding away toothbrushes because you might use them for something later? A few is fine. But years worth of toothbrushes? Throw those puppies out!
  9. Empty your bathroom wastebasket. 


  1. Expired Food: You might have more expired food in your pantry and refrigerator than you think. Check your kitchen for outdated items, and toss them.
  2. Plastic Storage Containers: Throw out plastic containers that you aren’t using to store food. You don’t need to hold on to old cottage cheese containers to store food in anyway. Glass is always the safer option to store and reheat food.
  3. Old Coffee Mugs: Only save the mugs you use and love. Be honest, you don’t need 50 mugs.
  4. Old Dish Sets: Donate dishes you don’t use to today to people you know who could use them.
  5. Spices: Toss expired spices. Also, toss the ones that you just don’t ever use (but thought you would…one day).
  6. Wine Bottles: Sure, you saw some sweet ideas on Pinterest and thought you’d save wine bottles for a project. But they’ve been hogging up space for months…RECYCLE THEM!
  7. The 1,000 Plastic Grocery Bags Under the Sink: Of course, save some grocery bags. We like saving them neatly in baby wipe or disinfecting wipe containers for easy storage and access when you need them. But, saving all your plastic bags from the store is not necessary…or tidy. Also, learn how to cut down on plastic waste, here.
  8. Yucky Pots and Pans: Any type of pot or pan that has a man-made coating on it isn’t meant to last forever. Actually, once the coating wears off, they can become dangerous. Recycle pots and pans that have worn coating or are just in bad shape.
  9. Koozies: Koozies are awesome! They keep your drinks cold and looking stylish. However, you don’t need 70. Trash the ones that have no flair or just don’t get used.
  10. Duplicate Utensils: You probably don’t need 5 spatulas. Ditch the utensils that look gross and are duplicates any way.
  11. Magnets: A fridge full of meaningless magnets is a cluttered, messy fridge. The cleanest-looking kitchens minimize magnet usage on the fridge.


  1. Old T-Shirts: Don’t hang on to old, promotional t-shirts. Save that valuable drawer space for clothes you actually wear regularly.
  2. Old Clothes: If you haven’t worn something in 6 months, it’s time to donate it!
  3. Mismatched/Holey Socks: Been looking for a sock’s match for about 5 months now, but can’t seem to find it? It’s time to let go. Let go of the sock. But first, use it as a dust rag. Then throw it away.
  4. Dusty Candles: Have candles that are dusty? That’s because you don’t use them, probably because they stink. Throw them out!
  5. Stained or Damaged Clothing: You probably don’t have the time to fix damaged clothing. How do you fix a bleach stain anyway?
  6. Underwear or Swimwear That’s Seen Better Days: Have these items lost their stretch? Support? Have holes? It’s time to let go.
  7. Worn Out Bedding: It’s really difficult to let go of old bedding. You think you might use it again in the future. Chances are, you won’t. Go ahead and donate it.
  8. Old Shoes: Shoes are like clothes, if you haven’t worn them in seasons, it’s probably time to toss or donate them.
  9. Boxes: Saving shoe boxes or clothing boxes under your bed? Yeah…go ahead and get rid of those!

Closing Thoughts on Things to Throw Away

We promise, after you throw out some of these items, you are going to feel better! A clean and organized home is so good for the mind and the soul. Try purging one room at a time from the list until your home looks and feels cleaner and tidier. You can have a “throw away day” once a week or once a month. It’s whatever works best for you. What items would you add to our Things to Throw Away list?


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