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What is Organic Waste?

Aug 23, 2021 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions, Tips and How Tos

Have you ever heard the term organic waste? Maybe you’ve wondered: What is Organic Waste? Organic waste anything that is biodegradable and comes from an animal or plant. When something is biodegradable it is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. You can find more on term biodegradable here.

At Fire Dawgs, we are careful about the way we dispose of organic waste. Why? Because, when organic waste is dumped in landfills, it produces a harmful gas known as methane. Methane is much more potent than carbon monoxide, and it more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide. You can learn more about methane here. 

What is Composting? 

The best thing we can do with organic waste is compost it. According to, composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter into a valuable fertilizer that can enrich soil and plants. This matter includes leaves and food scraps. So, what types of organic waste can be composted? We’ve made a list for that!

List of Organic Waste Examples

Here are some examples of organic waste!

  • Branches and Stems
  • Floral Clippings
  • Grass trimmings
  • Leaves
  • Weeds
  • Non-painted or treated wood
  • sawdust
Food Waste is also organic waste. Some examples include: 
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Meat and bones
  • coffee grounds
  • egg shells
  • dairy products
  • used napkins
  • compostable paper take out containers
  • tea bags
  • wax paper
  • coffee filters
  • pizza boxes

Where can you compost organic food waste?

Right in your backyard! Either in a tumbler or bin. You can find these in hoe improvement stores or online. Or, you can even start a compost pile on bare earth in your back yard or community garden space? Don’t have a back yard or community garden?

If you live near a city, there should be composting services available to you. A great place to start is Google, of course! Just type in the search term, “where to compost near _____ ?” (and insert your location). For example, if you were to search, “where to compost in Indianapolis?” You would find some great options!

Here are some places to recycle organic waste in Indianapolis:

  • Green Cycle – This is a great local resource that we work with on a regular basis! We take items like brush and tree branches to Green Cycle to be made into organic materials such as mulch!
  • Green with Indy – Great option if you are looking for local, curbside compost pick up.
  • Fire Dawgs Junk Removal- That’s us! Of course we are here to help you get rid of organic waste like leaves, brush, tree limbs etc. People call us when they need these items hauled away, and we take them to Green Cycle to be up cycled and composted.

We hope we’ve been able to explain What is Organic Waste? If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or Contact Us here. We are always happy to help!

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