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Where To Recycle Cardboard Columbus OH

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In Columbus, OH, finding the right avenues for cardboard recycling is not just an environmental choice but a community-driven effort with far-reaching benefits. Understanding where to recycle cardboard in this city is a crucial step towards sustainable waste management. Beyond the simple act of disposing of cardboard, it’s about actively participating in the conservation of resources, reducing waste in landfills, and contributing to the local economy. But are you looking for where to recycle cardboard Columbus OH? Don’t sweat it, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal has put together a list of locations to take your cardboard in Columbus OH. But first, why should your recycle your cardboard?

Where To Recycle Cardboard Columbus OH


Recycling cardboard in Columbus, OH, is a crucial practice with multifaceted benefits. Firstly, it contributes significantly to environmental conservation by reducing the demand for new raw materials and minimizing energy consumption. By opting for cardboard recycling, individuals actively participate in the preservation of natural resources. Additionally, the practice aids in waste reduction, diverting significant amounts of cardboard away from landfills. This not only helps in preventing environmental pollution but also conserves valuable landfill space.

From an economic perspective, recycling cardboard supports the local economy by creating jobs within the recycling industry and reducing overall waste disposal costs. Furthermore, the energy savings associated with manufacturing products from recycled cardboard contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, making a positive impact on climate change. Engaging in cardboard recycling programs in Columbus fosters a sense of community responsibility, encouraging residents to play an active role in sustainable waste management practices. It’s important for residents to adhere to local recycling guidelines to ensure the effective and responsible recycling of cardboard materials. Now that you know more about the reasons to recycle your cardboard, you might be wondering where to take your cardboard. Below is a list of provided locations to drop-off your cardboard.


  • Accurate IT Services — 3854 Fisher Rd, Columbus, OH 43228
  • A-Z Recycling Inc. Scrap Yard in Columbus, OH — 1465 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43219
  • Buckeye Recycling Center — 3483 E Fulton St, Columbus, OH 43227
  • Capitol Waste & Recycling Services — 321 Dering Ave, Columbus, OH 43207
  • Cyclemet Inc. —2405 Harrison Rd, Columbus, OH 43204
  • Greif Recycling Columbus — 3024 Charter Street, Columbus, OH 4659 Marion Rd, Columbus, OH 432073228
  • New World Recycling — 1079 E 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201
  • Ohio Drop Off Recycling Center — 533 N Nelson Rd, Columbus, OH 43219
  • Phoenix Recycling Inc — 659 Marion Rd, Columbus, OH 43207
  • Royal Paper Stock Co — 1300 Norton Rd, Columbus, OH 43228
  • SA Recycling — 1283 Joyce Ave, Columbus, OH 43219
  • SA Recycling — 2205 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43207
  • WestRock Recycling — 1015 Marion Rd, Columbus, OH 43207
  • Masser Metals & Recycling — 3103 Lamb Ave, Columbus, OH 43219


No. Fire Dawgs is not a drop-off location for cardboard in Columbus OH. But what is Fire Dawgs and what do we do? Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Columbus is a veteran and firefighter founded company that serves Columbus OH and the surrounding areas. But how can we serve you and recycle your cardboard for you? Keep reading to find out more.

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Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Columbus OH is a locally owned and operated junk hauling company that can help you get rid of clutter! But why choose Fire Dawgs? We take on the tough jobs the other guys won’t and get “IT” done! Our team handles everything from residential cleanouts to commercial demolition for our clients. The best part? We reuse, recycle, or donate 60% of the items we haul away. Meaning we’ll recycle your cardboard and other items for you. But what services do we provide? Below are some of our most requested services:

See our services page for all the ways we can assist you. For all information on our costs, check out our pricing page. Eager to get started with Fire Dawgs? Read on to find out how to get on our schedule for you junk pick-up Columbus OH service.


Our customer service team is standing by, waiting to serve you! Give our office a call at 614-758-DAWG or contact us online for your junk removal Columbus OH service. For more information regarding our junk removal Columbus OH services and estimates, text our team at 317-597-4744 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with proper information your requested.

At Fire Dawgs, the “I” in our core value of F.I.R.E. stands for, “Integrity“. We display this be following our mission statement of, “Build Leaders And Pursue Growth While Providing Award-Winning Service.” Meaning we provide award-winning customer service for each and every customer we serve. Want to hear what our customers are saying about our excellent customer service? Visit our reviews page to read thousands of 5-star reviews.

We love to show off how we’re serving the Columbus community! Check out our social media pages on FacebookTikTokInstagramand Twitter to see our crews in action! We hope to provide you with good information on our Where To Recycle Cardboard Columbus OH service and we look forward to serving you in the near future.

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