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5 Things in Your Junk Pile that are Recyclable

May 12, 2015 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

It happens to everyone. You get to the point where you have collected so much stuff that you no longer use. But you decide it’s time to get rid of it once and for all. You start going through your items to decide what you may want to sell, trash, or donate. But there is another category that is often overlooked, and that is what is recyclable. Unsure what common items are recyclable, but want to find out? Keep reading our blog to find out 5 things in your junk pile that are recyclable!

5 Things in Your Junk Pile that are Recyclable

1. Glass — Glass may seem like an obvious one, but many times people don’t pay attention how many items made out of the glass. Additionally, they don’t know if something that is old or cracked, chipped, or broken can be sold or donated. So they decide to simply toss it. But instead, remember items such as vases, glass from picture frames, saved wine bottles, or drink ware should be recycled instead!

2. Electronics There are centers that will recycle any kind of electronics or appliances — even curling irons! Here at Fire Dawgs we have relationships with these kind of centers and will happily take your items to be recycled by them. Computers and even your old, half broken holiday lights will be taken and recycled!

3. Mattresses Mattresses are practically impossible to resell for obvious hygienic reasons. But so many people are left wondering what to do with after their lifespan is done. While it seems that a mattress contains too many different materials to be recycled, there are centers equipped with the right tools to get it done! They have special saws to dismember your mattress and separate the wood, metal, foam, and cloth to be recycled.

4. Trophies But why would you ever get rid of your 3rd place trophy for 5th grade basketball? While trophies and medals are cool as a kid, most people don’t showcase them around the house. Once they are older, they end up in a box somewhere for decades. So instead of taking up storage space — or landfill space — be happy to know that they can be recycled! Centers break them down by melting them and or reusing them for new trophies.

5. Carpet & Rugs Stains, rips, pet hair — doesn’t matter! Recycling centers will happily take your old carpet and rugs off your hands to be recycled. Since items like this can be cumbersome to move and transport, give Fire Dawgs a call and we are happy to do the heavy labor for you!

Now that you learn about a few items, you may come to find that you have some in your junk pile! But you’re hesitant to act because it can be a bit of hassle to properly recycle. That’s where Fire Dawgs Junk Removal comes into play!

How Can Fire Dawgs Help with Your Recyclable Items?

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is locally owned, firefighter founded, and veteran owned! We can handle any job from construction debris removal to demolition services — and even simple curbside junk pick-up. At Fire Dawgs, we take on the tough jobs that the other guys won’t and get “IT” done! But the best part about Fire Dawgs? We reuse, recycle, or donate over 60% of the items we haul away! Giving you piece of mind when disposing of your recyclable items.

Here is list of our most popular services:

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Give our friendly customer service team a dial and they’ll be ready to set you up with a free, in person estimate and answer any questions you may have! Give us a call at 800-211-3294! Not able to call? No worries! Contact us online to find a time that works best for you and we’ll reach out to you at your convivence. Have pictures or videos that you want to send us before your service? Text us at 317-460-1398 to receive a fast and simple electronic estimate.

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