Basement Cleanout in Lafayette IN

A Picture of a Basement Cleanout in Indianapolis

Basements can be one of the most useful parts of your home. From storing items, to providing a great space for the kids to run free, keeping your basement clean ensures that it can be properly used year round. What happens if too much clutter accumulates? Call Fire Dawgs for your Basement Cleanout in Lafayette IN needs!

How Does Fire Dawgs Help With Basement Cleanout in Lafayette IN?

A two person crew comes out with a 16 cubic yard mini dump truck to haul away all of your items. This is packed to the brim full of tools and equipment to adapt to any challenges your job might throw our way. Once we arrive, the crew will confirm an exact price, and complete a final walkthrough once finished. While we might be the best at basement cleanouts, how much does it cost to get a basement cleaned?

How Much Will My Cleanout Cost?

Fire Dawgs bases our pricing for junk removal services on volume. We include all the labor, transportation, and disposal fees within our price! The best part? Our crews do their best to donate, reuse, or recycle as many of the items you are looking to have removed as possible! Additionally, there are no extra fees for walking up stairs, or items being in a basement! How much will it be? This all starts at our minimum of $130, which is for the volume of a fridge. The crew chief on site will always confirm an exact price for your items before they begin! But how can you get a ball park idea of how much everything will cost to get removed?

I am ready for my Free, In-Person Estimate?

We are standing by and ready to help you get that basement cleaned out! Give our crew  call at 765 820 3294 today to get set up with a free, in-person estimate for our crew to examine everything going in person! Unable to have us come out? We still can assist! Text us pictures of everything going, or even video, to 317-460-1398 to get a fast and easy electronic estimate! Additionally, you can contact us online here, and we can reach out to you!

We love showing off our crew and all the amazing transformations they help with. Want to see for yourself? Be sure to follow Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, to see the latest with our crews! Fire Dawgs looks forward to serving you, and earning your business!

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