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Shed Removal in Lafayette

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Fire Dawgs Junk Removal provides Shed Removal Lafayette and West Lafayette customers can trust. We can tear down and haul away any unwanted shed, gazebo, green house, or other small to medium outdoor structure you may have. Our team of junk removal and demo professionals are trained to remove your shed quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, we are local and Veteran and Firefighter owned. Keep reading to learn about about our Shed Tear Down Service in Lafayette IN.

How does Fire Dawgs tear down sheds?

We start by sending you two screened and uniformed removers. After shaking hands, and surveying the work, there are a couple ways we typically get the job done. In some instances, it’s as simple as our two man team quickly toppling the structure and breaking it into manageable pieces. In other instances, we have to take the structure apart piece by piece while the structure is in tact before toppling it. This is a brief glimpse into the service, which can be more complicated than this at times. We do not use heavy equipment in your yard.

How do we determine price for shed tear down services in Lafayette?

On Shed Tear Down Services in Lafayette, we start with an in person estimate, or with pictures that you can email or text. Whether we can send an estimator will depend on if we have an estimator or crew in the area already. So, depending on availability, we may have to work with pictures and email/over the phone to put together a more dialed in price  range for you. However, our minimum for demolition is $500.

There are other factors that play a role in cost as well, such as how many layers of shingles are on the roof, proximity to a hard surface where we can park our truck, etc. There are very little parts of the shed that are recyclable since the wood is no longer organic, but a majority of its makeup will need to be disposed of, which constitutes the disposal fees associated with the service. The exception being metal or aluminum sheds. Regarding the time and labor it takes to perform shed tear down services will determine whether the price is at the bottom part of our range, or the upper part.

How should you decide which Junk Removal Company in Lafayette IN to use?

It’s important that the company you hire for your shed removal service be professional and legitimate. They should be fully insured with liability, auto and workman’s comp insurance, preferably with umbrella insurance as well.

Furthermore, the junk removal company should be reputable. Make sure you read their reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, YELP etc. Most importantly, they should treat you with extraordinary customer service, from the first impression to the initial  phone call/inquiry. This will clue you into the type of service they will provide should you choose to hire them.

This information is a brief glimpse into the service but we imagine you may have many more questions. Please call our team at  317-291-DAWG or email for Shed Tear Down Services Lafayette, IN can trust!

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