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Hot Tub Removal Lafayette

Hot Tub Removal Lafayette IN

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal proudly provides hot tub removal services to Lafayette, IN and the surrounding areas. As a Firefighter & Veteran Owned Company, we pride ourselves not only in the services we provide, but in the way we provide them. Keep reading to learn more about our hot tub removal Lafayette IN customers trust!

What do I need to do prior to removal?

A couple of our initial questions when discussing the service will be if the unit is disconnected from electrical/power and if it is drained. Those are two thing we’ll need done prior to our arrival.

How do we remove a hot tub in Lafayette?

We start by sending you two screened and uniformed junk removal technicians. After shaking hands, and surveying the work, there are a couple ways we typically get the job done. In some instances, it’s as simple as our two man team picking it up and loading it in our mini dump truck. In other instances, we have to cut the hot tub into manageable pieces so that we can then load it into our truck.

How do we determine price for Hot Tub Removal Lafayette IN?

A majority of our hot tubs, but not all, can be removed within a range of $250-400. There are some parts of the hot tub that are recyclable, but a majority of its makeup will need to be disposed of, which constitutes the disposal fees associated with the service. Regarding the time and labor it takes to perform hot tub removal services will determine whether the price is at the bottom part of our range, or the upper part.

How should you decide?

It’s important that the junk removal company be professional and legitimate. They should be fully insured with liability, auto and workman’s comp insurance, preferably with umbrella insurance as well.

They should be reputable and highly reviewed. Read their reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, etc. Also, be sure to check out their Better Business Bureau rating.

They should treat you with extraordinary customer service, from the first impression to the initial  phone call/inquiry. This will clue you into the type of service they will provide should you choose to hire them.

This information is a brief glimpse into the service but we imagine you may have many more questions. Please call us at 765-820-3294 or email us at for Hot Tub Removal Lafayette, IN can trust!

Call 765-820-3294 for your Lafayette Junk Removal, hot tub removal,  and property clean out needs. Prefer email? Send your questions to where you can simply Order Online! Finally, you can also text us pictures of your unwanted items from our Contact Page free free, fast pricing information.

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