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Do You Provide Demolition Services?

May 8, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Demolition Services We Provide

At Fire Dawgs, we have earned a solid reputation, supported by hundreds of reviews on sites like Angie’s List, Google+, Facebook and more, for performing our bread and butter junk removal services. On a typical day, we haul away brush, carry out old TV’s and remove unwanted items from your basement, garage or attic. While we do perform these services regularly and perform them well, we also specialize in taking care of tear out and demolition services.

Fire Dawgs Provides Demolition Services for Homeowners and Contractors

When homeowners or customers hire kitchen, bath or home remodeling contractors, they are typically doing so because those contractors have a reputation for being professionals at their craft. They put in years learning how to perfect the wow factor with the extra finishes. Before they can get to that final reveal, they first have to tear out and remove the old. Part of our removal services is hauling away construction materials and debris, but we don’t just pick it up from a pile and put it in our truck.

Our employees are trained to serve as sub-contractors for highly reviewed remodelers and contractors so that we can do the dirty work while they focus on the craft and skills that has made their company so successful. Our crews are trained and equipped to prep the home for work so that the customer’s property never gets dirty during the demo and tear out process. Our goal is to prep the site so that our crew members never even put their boots on the customer’s flooring. We also prepare the site so that other contractors can get in and out of the house also with the prepping we put in place.

After the site is prepped, we get to work on either demo’ing what needs to go or we can disassemble and donate old materials to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. We can do this by coming out and providing estimates so that the contractor or customer has a solid projection for the cost involved; or, we can form a relationship with established contractors and give them our pricing structure in advance so they can include our costs into their initial estimate. This eliminates the need for us to be another contractor that needs to go through your customer’s home.

If you have a need for light demolition services, tear out and debris removal services, then call 10800-712-5865 or email If you are a contractor looking to work with a reputable sub-contractor specializing in these demolition  services, call us and ask to speak with our  Owners or GM and we can discuss our different pricing options to make your job easier.

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