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Donation Centers in Fort Wayne

Donation Centers in Fort Wayne

Whether looking to donate good, well used furniture due to a move, or just upgrading and updating parts of your home, it’s always a good time to donate. Not only does your old furniture, clothes, and other items help to support the community in Fort Wayne, this helps. So what are some of the Donation Centers that Fort Wayne locals can use? Read on to find out!


Goodwill is an amazing location to take your gently used clothes, furniture items from around the house, and other odds and ends. Located at 4116 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, you might even see a Fire Dawgs truck dropping a load off! Additionally, Goodwill has a strong community impact, both with its hirees, creating new jobs, as well as giving back to the community. Fire Dawgs is always happy to take your items here to Goodwill! To find out more about what Goodwill does, click here!

Salvation Army

With several locations around the Fort Wayne area, the Salvation Army also accepts your clothes and furniture. Fire Dawgs frequently drops donations off at the Salvation Army. A long standing figure in communities across the United States, and the UK, the Salvation Army is famous for its red bucket donations around Christmas, making it a great choice to drop off those used items. Some locations include 102 E Pettit Ave and 1021 Fairfield Ave. Click here to find out more about the Salvation Army!

The Franciscan Center

A small organization founded in 1989, The Franciscan Center is an amazing place to donate your time and money, helping to create food drives and medicinal drives. Located at 1015 E. Maple Grove Ave, you can volunteer your time, or participate in their various drives throughout the year! They additionally have a thrift store location at 925 E Coliseum Blvd. Here you can drop off various donation items of your choice!

Habitat for Humanity

Located at 4747 Lima Rd, Habitat for Humanity is an amazing resource for the community. Building homes for those in need, Habitat has a longstanding impact on families all over the United States. Additionally, Habitat accepts donations of gently used furniture to place into the homes it builds, as well as raise funds through the sale of other items in it’s thrift store.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul has been impacting the community for hundreds of years. Through their donation center at 1600 S Calhoun St,  St Vincent de Paul is able to accept gently used furniture and items, to give back to the Fort Wayne Community. Fire Dawgs is happy to support them in these efforts by dropping off your items!

Why get Fire Dawgs Junk Removal to take your donatable items to Donation Centers in Fort Wayne?

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal starts with a firm, free, no obligation estimate.  After your job is booked, our crew comes out in a two man team in a mini dump truck. Our crews are prepared to tackle all of your biggest projects. From demolitions, to junk hauling, and labor only services, Fire Dawgs can tackle them all. The best part is what we do with the items we haul away! From the aforementioned Goodwill and Salvation Army, to a donation center of your choice, Fire Dawgs will donate, reuse, or recycle the items that we haul away for you!

Ready to hire the Dawg Pack?

Give us a call at 260-250-3294 today to get your free, frim, no obligation estimate. Our office staff is ready to walk you through every step to get you booked and your project completed. You can also reach us through our contact page, or text at 317-460-1398. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram to see how we are impacting our community!

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