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Easiest Items to Recycle

Oct 18, 2019 | Blog

Have you wondered about what are the easiest items to recycle? Wonder no more! We’ve done the research on what materials are easiest to recycle. Just a little bit of background on recycling. Recycling is a way to make discarded items into new goods. Unfortunately, not everything is recyclable. You can learn more on that here. However, the good news is lots of items are easily recycle, and some are even 100% recyclable.

Top 5 Easiest Items to Recycle

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  1. Metal:

    Most metals are easily recyclable. In fact, steel is North America’s #1 most recycled material. Aluminum cans are one of the easiest items to recycle, as they are 100% recyclable. Furthermore, they can be reprocessed over and over again. Turning used aluminum cans into new ones actually uses 95% less energy than making an aluminum can from scratch. So, definitely recycle all those metals items made of aluminum, steel, copper, tin, etc. More on metal recycling here.

  2. Glass:

    Most household glass can be recycled over and over again. Some people like glass better than plastic, due to the way much plastic is made. Furthermore, glass is a sturdier material. So, be sure to wash out those glass bottles and containers and recycle them!

  3. PET Plastics:

    This group includes plastic bottles. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles can be continuously into other PET containers, packaging, clothing, carpeting, construction materials, and much more! The average American household utilizes about 45 pounds PET plastic containers each years. However, 80% of these bottles will end up on a landfill. Learn more about PET plastic recycling here. 

  4. Newspaper:

    Newspapers are fairly easy for recycling facilities to process. This type of paper waste accounts for about 1/3 of the United States’ municipal waste. You may think, well doesn’t paper just decompose? So, it isn’t the end of the world if it isn’t recycled? Unfortunately, the decomposition of paper produces methane. Methane is a dangerous greenhouse gas that traps even more heat than carbon monoxide.

  5. Other Paper and Cardboard Items:

    Most paper and cardboard can be recycled. However, a general rule of thumb is nothing smaller than a post it note should be recycled. Furthermore, shopping receipts in any paper with glitter or other embellishments can’t be recycle. More on Christmas paper recycling here. Finally, be sure to break down those cardboard boxes before you put them in the recycling bin!


We hope this list of easiest items to recycle helps and encourages you to recycle more!! Be sure to comment or contact us if you have any questions about these easy to recycle materials.

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