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How Does Fire Dawgs Quote Junk Removal?

Mar 10, 2017 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

So, you’re wondering: How Does Fire Dawgs quote junk removal? Awesome. We have an answer for you! The first step to getting your junk removal quote is to give us a call at 317-291-DAWG (3294) or Contact Us online, and we can get the process started from there. Here is how we quote junk removal after you call or contact us online.

How We Quote Junk Removal

How we quote junk removal

Once you Contact Us, we will provide you with a low end and high end price range over the phone. If you are comfortable with that price range, we will schedule an in-person estimate. Once our team can assess the scope of work on-scene, they will give you a firm price within that price range. At that time, you can accept the quote, and our team will get to work right away. If you don’t like the price, you can send us on our way. We always try to be aware and understanding of our customers’ needs and budgets.

When you contact us to quote junk removal, it is also helpful to use the handy dandy load size estimator on our Pricing page. Here, you can estimate your load size by scrolling over our interactive pricing tool. Next, you can call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected], so that we can provide you with an estimate price range prior to scheduling an appointment.

We hope we’ve given an easy explanation for how we quote junk removal! If you have any questions or would like a free junk removal estimate, just give us a call or email any time. We are always happy to help and answer any questions that you may have.

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