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Labor Only Moving Fort Wayne

Labor Only Moving Fort Wayne IN

Do you need hourly moving help in Fort Wayne or the surrounding areas? The team at Fire Dawgs can help! We offer labor only moving Fort Wayne customers trust. Our team can help when you need help loading or unloading a rented moving truck. Furthermore, we can also move items within your home or on your property. Keep reading for more information about our labor only moving services!

More on Labor Only Moving Services in Fort Wayne

When Do You Need Labor Only Moving Services?

Labor only moving can be a more cost-effective alternative to full service moving. Here are some scenarios where you may need labor only moving:

  1. Help Loading or Unloading a Moving Truck, Storage Unit or Portable Storage Unit
  2. Moving an Item Inside the Home – On this service only, if we are only moving one item that will take less than an hour, then we have a $250 Minimum rather the $400 Minimum mentioned below.
  3. When you Need Local Moving Helpers in Fort Wayne to provide moving labor
  4. Help Filling a Dumpster

How Much Does Labor Only Moving Cost?

For Options 1 and 3 listed above, we reserve our two man teams in two hour blocks. The first two hours costs $400. If you think you’ll need our team for longer than 2 hours, then you would need to block off an additional two hour block, which would cost an additional $400. For example, for 4 hours total, the cost would be $800. The time for our labor only services starts once our team arrives at the location of the service.

Finally, if you’re scheduling our team help load or unload a moving truck or portable storage unit, then we will also have you sign a wavier releasing us of liability from any damages that might happen, or have happened, to the furniture once loaded and/or during transit. We are not a licensed moving company that can transport items, but we are always happy to help with moving labor services.

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