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Pergola Demolition in Fort Wayne

Pergola Demolition in Fort Wayne

Pergolas are great additions to your home, providing fantastic spaces for outdoor recreation over the various seasons. But what should you do when it starts to rot and deteriorate. You don’t want an unsafe structure staying up! This is where the Tough Dawgs come in! But just how do we provide Pergola Demolition in Fort Wayne? Keep reading to find out!

How Does Fire Dawgs Provide Pergola Demolition in Fort Wayne?

Our two person crew comes out with a 16 cubic yard mini dump truck jam packed with the proper tools and equipment to help you remove your pergola! Once we survey the scene, a final confirmation of the price will happen before we start. After our crew finishes, they will provide a final walkthrough of the demo area, ensuring satisfaction. But how much does Fire Dawgs cost to demolish a pergola?

But How Much Will It Cost?

Fire Dawgs bases our pricing on volume! In other words, how much space everything will take up inside of our truck. For our junk removal services, we begin at $130, which is for a fridge size load. For labor only services, our pricing starts at $400, and for demolition, it will start at $500. We can provide an accurate estimate over the phone, or via pictures! Are you ready for your free estimate?

Ready For a Free Estimate?

We are ready to hear from you! Give our Customer Service Representatives a call today to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate! Are you unable to call for any reason? Don’t worry or fret! Contact us online here and we will reach out to you when you are available! Perhaps you have some great pictures or videos of what you would like to have removed! Text them to us at 317-460-1398 to get a quick and easy electronic estimate!

We love to show how our crew assists with demolition projects, such as pergolas, and share the before and after pictures! Want to see for yourself? Follow Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to see the latest with our crew! We look forward to hearing from you, and earning the opportunity to serve you!

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