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Shed Removal in Fort Wayne

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Fire Dawgs Junk Removal proudly provides shed removal Fort Wayne area customers trust. Firefighter & Veteran Owned, we pride ourselves not only in the junk removal and demolition services we provide, but in the way we provide them. We can take care of any size shed you need removed and hauled away. Our team will handle all of the labor and disposal associated with your shed removal service. So, there is no need to rent a dumpster or DIY. In fact, our service may even be better priced than a dumpster rental itself. Let’s take a closer look at our award-winning Fort Wayne Shed Removal service.

More on Our Shed Removal in Fort Wayne

How does Fire Dawgs tear down sheds?

First, we start by sending you two screened and uniformed junk removal technicians. After shaking hands, and surveying the project, there are a couple ways we typically get the job done. In some instances, it is as simple as our two man team quickly toppling the structure and breaking it into manageable pieces. In other instances, we have to take the structure apart piece by piece while the structure is in tact before toppling it. Finally, We do not use heavy equipment in your yard.

How do we price shed removal?

First, we will start with an in person estimate, or with pictures that you can email or text. Sheds or mini barns start at our demolition minimum of $500. Please keep in mind that this is a basic ballpark price.

There are other factors play a role in cost as well, such as how many layers of shingles are on the roof, proximity to a hard surface where we can park our truck, etc. The majority of the shed will need to be disposed, which constitutes the disposal fees associated with the service. The exception being metal or aluminum sheds. Will will recycle as much of a metal shed as we can. Regarding the time and labor it takes to perform shed tear down services will determine whether the price is at the bottom part of our range, or the upper part.

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This information is a brief  overview of our shed tear down service,  but we imagine you may have many more questions. Please call Fire Dawgs at 260-250-DAWG, email, or Contact Us online for Shed Tear Down Fort Wayne Customer Trust! We offer free estimates on all of our Fort Wayne Junk Removal and Demolition services.

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