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What Items Will Junk Removal Companies Not Take?

Jun 23, 2015 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Many times customers assume since we’re a junk removal company we will take anything. But that’s not true. There are certain items that have their own special disposal system that need to be handled individually by the customer. These materials are also commonly referred to as hazardous waste. The reason we cannot haul them is because we don’t want these types of items mixing with the other items we haul. Many of the hazardous materials are of the liquid variety and so if they spilled in our truck then not only would we not be able to properly dispose or donate any of the other items we just hauled but our truck would need a major clean down (which could be costly, for example, if it was something like spilled paint) before being usable again. In the same breathe our truck beds aren’t necessarily seal proof so any liquids would not only spill onto the other contents in the truck but could also leak all over the road or other vehicles as we drive and that would be a complete environmental hazard – one that could come with steep fines or even lawsuits for us as well. So what items will junk companies not take then? Below is a list.

What Items Will Junk Removal Companies Not Take?

An example of hazardous waste

What items will junk removal companies not take?

  • Home Repair and Maintenance: paint, propone, kerosene, paint thinner
  • Plant and Yard Care: herbicides, fertilizer, pool chemicals, pesticides, rodent killer
  • Household Care: drain cleaners, bleach, oven cleaner, floor cleaner, ammonia, aerosol cans, batteries
  • Vehicle & Motor Care: antifreeze, gasoline, brake fluid, motor oil, radiator cleaner
  • Mercury Products: fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, thermostats, iodine
  • Appliances with Freon Coolant (like refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners) : In older manufactured appliances Freon was the coolant used. It has since been banned in many countries since it is considered a hazard to the ozone layer. So to ensure proper disposal a licensed technician much come out first and empty your appliance of the Freon and tag the appliance as safe. Once that is done we are happily able to come and pick up your appliance.
  • Other: radioactive waste, explosives, ammunition, medical waste, asbestos and any other “Special Waste” as defined by applicable Local, State, or Federal laws

We of course want to be able to provide as much junk removal as possible and so we are continually looking into ways and programs to open ourselves up to some of the categories listed above. Like there is a solution that can be put into paint that hardens it quickly so then we could transport it without worry of it spilling. Things like this would come with a surcharge since there are additional costs on our end to perform that kind of pick up but we just want to be able to help our customers out as much as possible.

By checking out your local government website there is usually a link explaining how to dispose of the hazardous materials mentioned above. We hope this answers your, “What items will junk removal companies not take” question, however if you have any other questions about appropriate disposal or have items that you would like us to haul then please give us a call at 317-291-DAWG or fill out our contact page. If you are more of the DIY type then you may be interested in our brother company, Dumpster Dawgs instead – just remember the same hazardous waste rules apply to our dumpsters as to our junk hauling. Happy cleaning!



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