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25 Things to Get Rid of Before the New Year

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With the new year just around the corner, and the holiday’s now past, this is the best time of the year to get rid of some unnecessary items so you can have a clean slate. This allows you to have a refreshing start to the new year. But what should you get rid of? Fire Dawgs is here to help! We wracked our brains to think of our top 25 things to get rid of before the new year!

25 Things to Get Rid of Before the New Year

Here are some of our best ideas of clutter to be removed!

  1.  Holiday Waste
  2. Old, Unused Christmas decorations.
  3.  VHS Tapes
  4. Old Books
  5. Attic or Basement Clutter
  6. Old Gaming Systems
  7. Old and partly used Candles
  8. Clean out the Junk Drawer
  9. Declutter your Pantry
  10. Old Tools
  11. Food Containers without Lids
  12. Unused Hobby items
  13. Unused Toys
  14. Unused Clothes
  15. Magazines
  16. Built up junk in a shed
  17. Old Electronics and their boxes
  18. Old Medicine
  19. Old Board Games
  20. Old DVD’s
  21. Old CD’s
  22. Worn Down Shoes
  23. Old Lumber
  24. DIY Project Remnants
  25. Old Furniture

But what is the easiest way to get rid of these items, often all at once? Call the Fire Dawgs Team! We even provide free quotes!

How Can Fire Dawgs Help?

Let Fire Dawgs do all the labor for you! We start with our free, in person estimates where we can give you an exact price for all of your items going! We arrive with a 16 cubic yard mini dump truck, equipped with tools to help us remove your items. Our minimum begins at $130! Whether it is in an attic, basement, or back side of a property, we can get it all! But how can I get a free quote?

Ready for Your Free Estimate?

Give us a call at 317-460-1398 to get your firm, free, no obligation estimate! Unable to call? Contact us online here to have one of our Customer Service Representatives contact you at a time that works best for you! Have pictures or videos of all of your clutter? We want to see them! Text it to us at 317-460-1398!

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