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Fire Dawgs Junk Removal and Folds of Honor 9/11 Event Recap

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On Sunday, September 11th, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal teamed up with Indiana Folds of Honor to help raise money for the families of fallen and disabled service members and first responders on the 21st anniversary of 9/11. Folds of Honor is a nonprofit organization that helps provide the families of fallen and disabled service members and first responders educational opportunities and scholarships. During the event, members of the Fire Dawgs team participated in multiple events to help raise money and remember those we lost on September 11th, 2001. Keep reading to learn more about the event!

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal and Folds of Honors 9/11 Event Recap

Firefighter Stair-climb

Six of our team members from across Indiana (as well as a team member down in Houston), participated in the 110-flight stair climb. The 110 flights represents how many flights of stairs firefighters would have had to climb to save all those trapped in the towers on that unimaginable day. Our team members gathered at our Indianapolis location to take turns climbing 110 flights of stairs. In addition to climbing the 110 flights, the climbers wore an oxygen tank or other weighted items, to simulate the weight those firefighters would have had to carry.

(Far right photo) Team members who participated included (top left to bottom right): Muncie Operations Manager Ryan Partin, Indianapolis Operations Manager Brycen Spangler, Indianapolis Facilities Manager David Dart, Operations Manager in Training Jacob Buhr, Operations Manager in Training Cameron Brown, Regional Manager Peyton Kimes, and Houston Operations Manager Chris Chisolm (not pictured).

911 Pound Yoke Walk

In addition to our stair climb event, our General Manager Alex Seitz performed a 911 Pound Yoke Walk across our facilities truck bay. The 911 pounds represents the date of the day in which we will never forget. Alex carried the yoke 21-feet from his starting point to the finish line!

Firetruck Pull

Following his yoke walk, Alex Seitz turned it up a notch by pulling our full-sized fire engine across our facilities parking lot! The emptied Pierce fire truck weighed about 14,500 pounds! Alex pulled 80 feet in one go! Click here to view the video of his amazing pull!

Conclusion of 9/11 Folds of Honor Event

After all was said and done, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal helped raised $812.72 for Indiana Folds of Honor during! At the conclusion of the event, Indiana Folds of Honor announced to us that as of September 12th the organization would be expanding its mission to not only the families of fallen and disabled service members, but to first responders and their families! This includes firefighters, police, and EMT’s! We are proud to have partnered with Indiana Folds of Honor and help support them in their important mission of serving those and their family’s who have scarified for this country.

To learn more about Indiana Folds of Honor and their mission, visit their website here!

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