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Apartment Trash Out in Indianapolis

taking apartment trash out

Apartment Trash Out 

Do you have an apartment full of junk, trash and other unwanted items? Is the mess so bad that you would rather have someone else deal with than have to clean it out yourself? The good news is, you are only a few steps away from having the mess completely wiped out and having your apartment back to a clean, debris free living space that can do what it does best… house tenants.

taking apartment trash out

Call Fire Dawgs and We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting and the Stairs!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the tenant who created the mess to clean up the mess? Been there, hoped for that and still ended up doing it myself. No Bueno. Oh wait, you’re the one that created the mess? No worries, we treat all junk or unwanted items the same. Regardless of the mess or how dirty the apartment is, we get the trash out in no time at all.

We start with an initial inquiry either over the phone, via email or by you scrolling through our website the same way you are reading this article. Once you get to the point when you feel comfortable scheduling a service, we will answer preliminary questions and try to get a scope of the work. If the project is rather large and time consuming, we will schedule for one of our friendly estimators to come out and provide an exact cost for the service.

In the event the job is something that could be figured out over the phone or email, then we will try to pin down a general price range for the work involved. If you are comfortable with the price range, then we schedule a crew to come out and provide the exact estimate before getting to work. Once we get the okay, our guys get to work quicker than Jimmy John’s makes a sub sandwich! After finishing the work, we sweep up, organize and or straighten the area in which we were working and make sure you are satisfied with the service. If you need additional services to complete the trash out, in example, carpet cleaning, we’ll refer you a friend such as Bowman’s Carpet Cleaning.

If you don’t need anything else from us, then we shake hands, leave you with some promotional items and move on to our next appointment. It’s that easy! So, if you have a headache apartment trash out and need it taken care of, you are literally just a few steps away from things being back to normal.

Email [email protected] or call 317-291-DAWG for any additional information, take care!

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