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Basement Clean Out Indianapolis

Basement Clean out Indianapolis

We were recently called to provide a quote for the cleanout and hauling away of a number of items from the home of a customer who was looking to put her house up for sale. The couple had lived in the home for many years and had raised their family in the house. It’s in situations like these that a company like ours is valuable because we are more than just a junk removal company taking unwanted items to the dump. We understand that it is important for homeowners to have a company that will treat their items and memories with respect. At Fire Dawgs, we take pride in providing basement clean out Indianapolis customers can trust and depend on.

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While we did in fact clean out the client’s basement, we also found good homes for a large number of the items that had filled their home for so many years. This was an important service that our customer appreciated.

Partnering with charitable organizations allows us to recycle, reuse or donate over 60% of the items that we are called to remove and haul away making us an environmentally friendly company. However, we also give customers tax deductible receipts making us a friendly solution to junk removal.

As this picture illustrates, we had work ahead of us, but after loading up the truck and sweeping up afterwards, we had the customer’s basement ready for showing.

Check out the after picture below and call Fire Dawgs at 317-291-DAWG when you have a need for basement clean out in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. You can also Contact Us online anytime with questions or to schedule a free estimate for basement clean out Indianapolis. We hope that our team has the opportunity to serve you!

Basement Cleanout Indianapolis After

Basement Cleanout Indianapolis After


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