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A customer recently hired us from Angie’s List and had a number of large piles consisting of tree limbs, logs, yard waste and brush at their Indianapolis home. The maintenance of their landscaping was only the first step because after they had successfully trimmed and removed the dying limbs and excess brush they still needed someone to remove it from their yard and haul it away.When customers are searching for brush removal Indianapolis IN can trust, not only do they want someone to perform the services but they are also looking for a service provider they can trust so that they can also use them again in the future and trust them in and around their home. Often times, to aid in this process of finding a trustworthy company, customers will turn to Angie’s List.

More on Brush Removal Indianapolis IN Can Trust

After the customer found our highly reviewed junk removal service on Angie’s List, where we have the most A+ reviews in a year’s time, we scheduled our service. We showed up, the customer pointed to what he needed gone, we gave him a fair and affordable price, we shook hands and got to work. Within a half hour we had piled everything into the truck, as pictured above, then we swept up and were on our way.

To make our company even more convenient and eco-friendly, we take the brush to a recycling center where they will turn it into mulch giving it a second life. We recycle, reuse or donate as much as we can.

Scheduling Our Brush Removal Indianapolis Can Trust

Are you ready to schedule your brush removal service? Just call us at 317-291-DAWG or Contact Us online.  Our team of professionals are here for all your brush removal needs in Indianapolis. We also offer free estimates on all of our brush removal and junk removal services.

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