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Brush Clean Up in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Brush Removal

Where Can I Get Help with Brush Clean Up in Indianapolis? 

When the weather breaks in Indiana, the melting snow and cold weather unveils what has been eluding us all winter and early spring… Yard Waste and Brush! The windy spring after a brittle winter equals tree limbs scattered throughout the yard. Most of the smaller ones can be picked up by hand, but there may be a larger one that landed in the yard needing to be hauled away. Oh wait, what just popped up while you were trying to figure out what to do with all the branches and sticks? That’s right, warm weather shows up overnight and green overgrown brush starts to pop up like weeds.

Off to the garage you go to hack it all down and get to that bush in the front yard you’ve been waiting to hack off at the root. Now that you’ve spent a Saturday afternoon attacking the day and accomplishing some long overdue maintenance, you look back to see a giant mount of brush. Great, now what do you do? That’s right, call Fire Dawgs. We are the best company to clean up your brush in Indianapolis.

The trouble with any project is that it normally creates waste and thereby the need for a disposal solution. That leaves a few options.

  1. You have a truck or a solid amigo that will let you borrow his truck so haul the brush to a local disposal facility.
  2. You have a swanky local government that is eco-friendly and will take a gargantuan amount of brush regardless of amount and how long it takes their workers (Not likely)
  3. You thought ahead and before unwrapping your new Sawzall that you got for Christmas, you call a dumpster rental company to drop off a small to medium sized dumpster. You still have to load the dumpster, but you don’t mind because you’re motivated!
  4. You’re not so motivated and are hoping there were a company that could take care of the whole process… So, you remember that cool company you saw online or heard your neighbors talking about and email or call 317-291-DAWG

We take away the stress and hard work by providing an all-inclusive process that deals with your brush clean up in Indianapolis. If you wanted to cut the brush up and put it in a pile, we can take it from there. If you want us to do the cutting, piling and hauling, then we are super motivated to do that too. Not only that, but we will recycle the organic brush and limbs at an eco-friendly disposal site which limits your costs and saves you money!

Need I say more? If so, email us at or call 317-291-DAWG and we’ll be happy to answer additional questions. Take care!

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