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Cardboard Recycling in Indianapolis

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With both the holidays behind us and the rise of online shopping due to COVID-19, cardboard packaging has slowly been more and more impactful in our lives. It can be very easy for small boxes to pile up in your garage, home, or basement, inching its way up taller and taller until it swallows up a room. Now what can be done with all of those items?

Cardboard has over the past several years has been slowly overtaking plastic as the choice to ship items to consumers. While cardboard has its own issues environmentally, it is more biodegradable, as well as easily recycled. However, those boxes can be used for more than recycling. Here are some awesome, creative ideas of how to recycle that cardboard yourself!

Cardboard Recycling in Indianapolis Ideas

  • Reuse for packing and gifting
  • Flower Planters
  • Storage: Just paint and place!
  • Gift Tags
  • Wall Art

These are just some simple ideas to help lower the amount of cardboard you have! However, what should be done with the rest of your cardboard?

Cardboard Recycling sites in Indianapolis

If you have more cardboard than you can repurpose, then what is the best solution? Most local trash disposal companies offer the option to include a recycling bin. Check with your trash provider for details on what can be placed in the bins. However what other places can you take your cardboard for recycling in Indianapolis?

You can take your cardboard to some of these locations around Indianapolis!

  • North
    • Sahm Park, 6801 E. 91st St.
    • Kroger (79th and Fall Creek), 9835 Fall Creek Rd.
    • Broad Ripple Park, Evanston Street Entrance, 6350 Evanston Ave.
    • Kroger (E. 71st and Binford), 5810 E. 71st St. Rear of the store, access via east lot
    • Kroger (Pendleton Pike and Sunnyside), 11101 Pendleton Pike
    • Pike Township Trustee Office, 5665 Lafayette Rd.


    • Southwestway Park, 8400 S. Mann Rd.
    • Beck Service Center, 6025 Madison Ave.
    • Garfield Park, 2345 Pagoda Dr.
    • Kroger (Franklin and Southport), 8130 E. Southport Rd.
    • Kroger (Emerson and County Line), 8745 S. Emerson Ave.


    • John Marshall Community High School, 10101 E. 38th St.
    • Brookside Park (N. Parking Lot), 3500 Brookside Parkway S. Dr.


    • Kroger (Rockville and Country Club roads) – 8150 Rockville: Rear of the store, northeast corner
    • Rhodius Park, 1720 W. Wilkins St.


    • Old City Hall (N. Parking Lot), 202 N. Alabama St.

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