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Dumpster Bag Pick Up in Fort Wayne

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You have probably seen full dumpster bags sitting in driveways and yards waiting to be pick up. Maybe you are looking for dumpster bag pick up in Fort Wayne yourself. At Fire Dawgs, we have customers call us all the time to pick up their dumpster bags. Unfortunately, they thought that a dumpster bag would be cheaper than junk removal or dumpster rental. However, this rarely the case. First, you have to purchase the dumpster bag. This cost starts at around $30 or so per bag. Then, you have to take the time to fill it yourself and then it sits in your driveway or yard and collects water until the dumpster bag company picks it up. Pick up for dumpster bags is on average about $180. Here’s the problem. Your dumpster bag may not get picked up for weeks, months…or ever. We have customers call us all the time to pick up dumpster bags that were scheduled but never picked up. Sometimes the the dumpster bag provider won’t pick up the bag if it is too full, so customers call us to handle the debris pick up instead. Here’s the good news. Junk removal can actually be cheaper and way easier than both a dumpster bag or a dumpster. We discuss this further below!

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picture of Dumpster Bag Pick Up in Fort Wayne

Dumpster Bag Pick Up in Fort Wayne

First, if you have a dumpster bag that needs picked up, we can help! Our team may even be able to pick it up same day. We are all about fast, easy service. Our price to haul away your debris may be even less than the dumpster bag company’s, and we do all the work. You don’t have to! Just point, and we will haul everything away quickly. What’s even better? We recycle and donate as many items as we can to keep things out of the landfill.

Next, junk removal can be even cheaper than a dumpster bag, and it is definitely easier and more stress free. We have a curbside junk removal option, which is our cheapest price point. This is where your place your items on the curb or a “curb like” area (like outside a garage). Curbside junk removal starts at $95. Your price will be based on how much junk removal, just like with the dumpster bag. However, in many cases, our price is cheaper. We also take pretty much everything! There are quite a few restrictions on what dumpster bag companies will and will not take.

We also offer full service junk removal in Fort Wayne. This is where we go into your garage, home, or anywhere on your property and haul out all the junk. We can give you a free quote anytime. Just Contact Us, and we will be happy to help! We offer junk removal and dumpster bag pick up in Fort Wayne at a time that works for your schedule. Call us, and we’ll get rid of your junk fast!






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