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Get Rid of Trash in Indianapolis

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Need to Get Rid of Trash in Indianapolis? Call Fire Dawgs!

When it comes time to get rid of trash in Indianapolis, it may seem like a fairly easy process on the surface; after all, for the most part, we have trash cans and simply take those bags to our respective containers and then move them out to the curb the night before or morning of pickup. Unfortunately, that only accounts for a small portion of the trash that we need to get rid of on a consistent basis. You see, most of your weekly pickup companies won’t take large items or have an extensive list of items that can not be put out in the event they do provide heavy trash pickup Indianapolis can trust.

get rid of trash in Indianapolis
Get Rid of Trash in Indianapolis

The ironic thing about this picture is that it illustrates a Bagster, which is a product offered by Waste Management, a company that is supposed to help you get rid of trash in Indianapolis. Well, why are we picking up their product? Because, as mentioned above, they won’t take everything or in the case of the bagster, if you have too much, they will leave you with the waste. We often get called to pick up the remnants due to the fact that the customer was just over the amount they were allotted to put in the bags which just becomes a confusing mess and leaves the customer to over pay. Fortunately, we pick up the amount in the bagster and don’t over charge.

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So, the next time you have a wagon full of trash and junk that your local trash hauling company is not helping you out with, then call our off duty firefighters, veterans and service members and watch our professionals go to work for you!

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