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There are many different scenarios that could lead a customer to call Fire Dawgs Junk Removal for hot tub removal Avon IN residents can trust. A homeowner could be looking to upgrade their unit to a newer model for continued enjoyment, the homeowner could no longer be enjoying the hot tub and would rather re-claim the backyard space for another use, the new homeowners could have inherited the hot tub when purchasing the house and could have no use for a hot tub or the house could be a foreclosure and the bank may need hot tub removal services to improve the house for re-sale. While the reasons for hot tub removal Avon IN residents can trust may change, one thing that remains the same is the quality of service customers can expect from Fire Dawgs Junk Removal. From your first impression to the lasting impression, our company takes great pride in providing more than what customers expect from a junk removal company by always looking to go the extra mile. Let me run you through the process.

First: Customers recognize the need for hot tub removal Avon IN residents can trust and start looking for reputable service providers. If we are doing our job correctly, you find Fire Dawgs Junk Removaland start looking into our company.

Second: You make the decision to learn more by calling 317-291-DAWG or emailing [email protected]. At this time, we answer any additional questions you may have and give you an expectation of price. Our hot tub removal services can range from $290-590 dependent upon the scope of work involved in the removal and complexity involved in disassembling the hot tub.

Third: You make a decision to schedule a two hour appointment window. We arrive, take a final look/size up and give you an exact estimate within the aforementioned range. If you agree to the price, we get to work; if you don’t , we shake hands and go on our way. We still may leave you with a magnet if that’s okay?

Fourth: Assuming you accept the reasonable quote, then we knock out the work within two hours and clean up after ourselves when complete. We may take a good before and after picture for our awesome junk removal blog.

Last: We leave you with a little something to remember us by, i.e. magnets, coupons and a customer review sheet, and then we shake hands to go on about the rest of our day hoping that we’ve formed another ongoing customer relationship. Call 317-291-DAWG for your pickup, hauling, and property clean out needs. Prefer email? Send your questions to [email protected] where you can simply Order Online!

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