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Hot Tub Removal Greenwood IN

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Hot Tub Removal Greenwood IN

In order to adequately provide hot tub removal services, a company should be able to meet a certain set of unwritten, but incredibly important requirements. Rather than just hire the first company off of Craigslist offering “the cheapest prices in town” you should ensure that if something goes wrong that you as a property owner are protected from some type of accident to you, your property and or the workers that were on your property. Providing hot tub removal Greenwood IN residents can trust starts with hiring the right company.

  1. Good Reputation: Before making a hiring decision, perform a little due diligence. It takes 2-3 minutes on a search engine such as Google to read some reviews about the company. What if the company you are looking for doesn’t have any reviews? Red Flag number one. Not necessarily a disqualifier, but start keeping track. Read our reviews here
  2. Insurance: A company that can perform hot tub removal Greenwood IN residents can trust will have a multitude of insurances, i.e., business liability insurance, workman’s compensation insurance and automobile insurance on their apparatus or truck. They don’t have insurance? Deal breaker. If they can’t protect you in an accident, then why run the risk? If they back into your garage so you could save $50, you’re only going to blame yourself in the end when they stop answering their phone and you can’t send them a lawsuit since they don’t have an address.
  3. License: All hauling companies are required to be licensed in their respective count, i.e., Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a fully licensed company. No license? Deal breaker. Move on and find a company that takes some pride in their craft and thrives on professionalism. It will make your service stress free.
  4. Customer Service: If the company you hire makes you feel unsafe, sketchy or just not at ease, then it means you probably ignored the first 3 red flags listed above and still hire someone because they were the “cheapest in town.” Hire a company that takes care of you and puts you at ease from start to finish, from the first phone call to the final hand shake when the job is complete. Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a Super Service Award Winner, featured as a Best Contractor and named Best in Class two years in a row.

Call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected] to schedule hot tub removal Greenwood IN can trust and feel good about. For more information about hot tub removal Greenwood IN check out our informational hot tub removal video by clicking HERE! 

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