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Do you have a piece of brush, shrubbery or “thing” for lack of a better term, growing out of control around your house in your backyard? You know, that one “thing” that either needs the hedge trimmer so it can be dressed up or a sawzall so it can be hacked off at the bottom of the root with a railroad spike driven down the root so it doesn’t grow back again. (Sorry, flashback to a battle with my own mutant shrub). If so, then you probably soon after either hedging it or getting rid of it will have a need for brush removal Greenwood residents can trust. The good news is, regardless of whether you are a do it yourself person or a hire someone to get it done quick and right person, we can provide you with the necessary disposal solution.

  1. Do It Yourself: Our brother company, Dumpster Dawgs, provides dumpster rental services to Indianapolis and the Surrounding Areas. We offer the most competitive rates for any residential dumpster rental company and our 2 Day Dumpster Rental Special can’t be beat. Given that you may be creating a mess full of brush, you will still need a way to get rid of it and our dumpsters could be your most affordable and convenient option.
  2. Hire Fire Dawgs Junk Removal: Our screened, uniformed employees will show up and exceed what you expect from a junk removal company. We will provide unparalleled customer service while you sit back and relax as we get to work tackling the brush pile. After we have finished loading up all the debris in our junk removal trucks, then we will clean up the area in which we were working. After completing the job in no time at all, we will shake hands, leave you with a magnet to remember us by and be on our way.

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal provides brush removal Greenwood IN customers can count on. Call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected]. if you have additional questions or would like to schedule your brush removal or junk removal service. Take care!

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