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How to Price Junk Removal

May 14, 2018 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions, Tips and How Tos

Greetings! Are you a fellow junk removal company or a customer wondering about How to Price Junk Removal? Well, we have a blog post for you. Also, we have more information about junk removal pricing here. Keep reading for more information below, and feel free to Contact Us with questions!

More on How to Price Junk Removal

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Provide an Estimate

First, we always give our customers a higher end and lower end junk removal estimate over the phone or via email. We ask customers to describe their junk load size. Or, they send pictures to:

We ask customers if how much of a standard sized pickup truck bed would their junk full up. This is just to give us a rough idea of how much junk is needing hauled away.

Customers can also use the load size calculator on our Pricing Page. We start at our minimum of $130.

Next, we get to the job and provide a firm estimate. This is the official estimate we provide when we actually see the junk needing to be removed. If the customer accepts the quote, we get right to work! More on junk removal estimates here.

Explain What’s Included in the Price

On all of our junk removal jobs, the pricing includes our labor to remove the items from wherever they are located on the property, our travel and transportation costs, our disposal fees as well as our efforts to recycle, reuse or donate as many items as possible.

Furthermore, in the event that we are able to donate some items on your behalf, then we will send the customer a tax deductible receipt so that they get credit for the donation. We also explain this on our Pricing Page.

Include Flat Fee/Surcharge Items

Next, some items cost more to recycle or dispose of. This means you need to include the recycling and disposal fees in your prices. These are flat fee items, and the fee is added to your minimum price point. There’s another tip. Have a minimum price point.

Go to this page to learn more about our flat fee items: Surcharge List.

Be Transparent 

No one likes to be tricked! And, honestly, we don’t like tricky companies. Be as transparent as you possibly can when giving junk removal pricing information over the phone, via text, social media, or email. We are all about being straight up with our prices. We always explain that the items we haul away are disposed of properly, recycled, or donated.

Furthermore, our technicians are drug tested, insured, background checked, and uniformed. Our equipment is clean and safe. We provide the absolute best junk removal customer service. These things are not free, but we are priced competitively with other professional junk removal companies in Indianapolis.

Finally, we hope we’ve better explained How to Price Junk Removal. If you have questions, Contact Us online or send us an email. We are happy to help!

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