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Know Your Service Area: Junk Removal in Carmel Indiana

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Know Your Service Area: Junk Removal in Carmel Indiana

If you live in or near Carmel, Indiana and have recently realized you have a lot of stuff lying around that needs a new home or should be disposed of then this guide is for you!  Maybe you bags of old clothes that have gone out of style or no longer fit, maybe you have recently completed some home or yard projects that have left a lot of waste or maybe you are just tired of the clutter and want it gone ASAP! No matter what it is there are resources in your area to help before you simply toss it all in the trash can. Carmel and its surrounding areas have a number of outlets for your unwanted items and more importantly, we have the company that can help you get all those items from Point A to Point B without necessarily sending all of them to the dump!

junk removal in carmel indiana

Junk Removal in Carmel Indiana

At Fire Dawgs, we make an earnest effort to find alternative uses for the items that we are called to remove and haul away. Currently, we are able to Reuse, Recycle or Donate between 50-60% of the items that we come across and are able to do so by partnering with a number of recycling and donations centers. Some of those organizations are listed below:

Closest Businesses and Charities Accepting Drop-Off Donations:

Goodwill Locations: Accepts, clothing, household goods, furniture, electronics

Carmel Goodwill Store – 1122 Keystone Way, Carmel, IN

Westfield Goodwill Store – 1617 E. 151st St., Carmel, IN

Carmel-West Goodwill Store – 10491 Walnut Creek Dr., Suite 100, Carmel, IN

Wheeler Mission Donation Barns: Accepts clothing and small household goods

Hazel Dell Christian Church – 14501 Hazel Dell Parkway, Carmel, IN

Central Christian Church – 1242 W. 136th St., Carmel, IN

Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County HYPERLINK “”ReStore: 17767 Sun Park Dr., Westfield, IN  

  • Cabinets, appliances, building materials, lumber, hardware, trim, doors, windows, light fixtures, hand/power tools

Donation Pick Up Service has you enter your zip code and then will let you know what charities are available in your area. Organizations like Fire Dawgs will pick up and take items to these locations for a small fee on your behalf and then Fire Dawgs will send you the tax deductible receipt! Doesn’t get much easier than that! For the Carmel area AMVETS is the only organization you can choose from that accept donations.


Sahm Park: 6801 E. 91st St., Indianapolis, IN

  • Aerosol cans, aluminum cans, glass, newspaper, paper, phone books, plastics

ROCK-TENN Company: 1775 S. West S., Indianapolis, IN

  • Plastics, aluminum, cardboard, glass, paper

Kruse Carpet Recycling: 4800 W. 96th St., Indianapolis, IN

  • Accepts carpet and padding

GreenCycleHYPERLINK “” Northwest: 4227 Perryworth Rd., Whitestown, IN

  • Accepts concrete, pallets & skids, yard waste and food waste

Carmel Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center: located at 901 N. Range Line Road. They take collections Tuesday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5p.m. or Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. You can visit here to see a list of materials as well as the amount of materials accepted.

Of course instead of contacting companies individually you can also work with a junk removal company, like Fire Dawgs, who will pick up everything and distribute accordingly taking a majority of the legwork out from under you. Fire Dawgs makes sure items that can be recycled are recycled, items that can be donated are donated and then items that need to just be disposed of are disposed of. The only items a junk removal company cannot take off your hands are those that are hazardous or toxic. These items must be taken to a proper collection facility by the customer, like the Tox Dump mentioned above.

Additional Resources:

Local Government & Neighborhoods: is a hub of information about local government, economic development and happenings in neighborhoods throughout the City.

Hamilton County Convention & Visitors Center: is the official tourism site for Hamilton County, which includes Carmel. Calendar of events, festivals, attractions and more!

Carmel Chamber of Commerce: is a company that attracts and serves members who are interested in networking and promoting their business.

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