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Labor Services in Indianapolis

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Have you ever had a situation where you know you need something done, but you weren’t sure who to call or how much you should pay? For example, you just made a purchase on Craigslist for an awesome dining room table that you finally found at a reasonable price but the seller won’t deliver and you have no way of getting the item yourself. Do you go rent a U-Haul and try to track down some muscle to help you pick up the item, load it and unload it at your house? What if you damage the seller’s home while taking the table out? You’re not insured as a mover and they may be more money out of your pocket! In this type of situation, you just need to give us a call and ask for our labor services in Indianapolis.

Labor Services in Indianapolis

More On Labor Services in Indianapolis

You see, as both a junk removal and a moving company, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal can provide you with the reputable, fully insured company to help you out in such situations. Our removers and movers are screened, uniformed professionals that you can trust in and around your home, as well as that of a potential seller/buyer. In this situation, rather than trying to track down movers, avoid all that stress and uncertainty and give us a call. We’re a fully insured operation that will more than gladly help you out and offer you unparalleled customer service in the process. But how does Fire Dawgs help with labor service in Indianapolis?


We start by sending our two-person crew out your location. Our fully licensed and insured team of moving professionals will help you get you items moved around your home or into your preferred storage unit. Please keep this in mind, Fire Dawgs does NOT provide a transportation for you items. You must bring you own moving vehicle if you wish to move your items to a new location. But what is the cost of labor services in Indianapolis?


But how does Fire Dawgs price its labor services? Fire Dawgs bases its labor only services on 2-hour blocks of time. We start at a minimum of two hours, and go all the way up to a full day at 8 hours! Visit our pricing page for more info on our prices. Want to save with Fire Dawgs? Book online and save $20 on your service. We offer our community hero discount to veterans, active military, nurses, teachers, firefighters, EMS, and police officers! Additionally, we offer repeat customer discounts! Check out our customer loyalty program here. Ready to schedule your labor only services in Indianapolis? Great! Keep reading to get your service on the books with Fire Dawgs Junk Removal!

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What Else Can Fire Dawgs Do For You In Indianapolis?

Our goal is not to be your service provider once, but we want to “Wow!” you with our award-winning service! We offer multiple kinds of services to keep you coming back in the future! We can also serve you with our junk removal and demolition services!  But when you call for labor services Indianapolis can trust, we go out of our way to try and accommodate each and every customer as well as their unique situation. Ready to get your service on the books with Fire Dawgs? Read one to find out how to schedule your labor services in Indianapolis!

Schedule Your Labor Services In Indianapolis By Giving Us A Call!

Call us today at 317-291-DAWG, and they will walk you through every step of your labor services and get you on the books! Contact us online by filling out a contact form. For more information on our junk removal and other services, text us at 317-597-4744 to receive more information.

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