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Leftover Yard Sale Item Removal in Indianapolis

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As the weather warms up, so do our ideas of clearing out our garage and basement and perhaps even making a little money in the process. So, we track down a few party tables from friends and family, advertise our garage sale on some makeshift signs and in our local paper then we are in business. The much anticipated weekend comes and little by little the items that once covered old ping pong tables start to disappear. However, as the items thin out so does the crowd. You start to look around and realize that there are still a number of items to get rid of? What do you do now? You call Fire Dawgs for leftover yard sale item removal in Indianapolis.

Junk Removal Services Indianapolis

Junk Removal Services Indianapolis

You see, these items are in your garage sale for a reason and that is because you have already made peace that you and the items are parting ways. You tried to make a little profit off the items and if you are like my wife you may have even posted a “Free” sign on some things just to get them out of there. However, if there are more than a few items left you may have lost the battle. Fortunately, when you leftover yard sale item removal in Indianapolis we have a painless process that helps out in a number of ways.

Yes, we charge for this service. However, we make it worth your while. Our all inclusive pricing includes our clean cut, screened and uniformed employees coming out to your location to start the removal process; while the cost includes our labor to remove the items, it also includes our transportation fees and any associated disposal fees. However, being that the items don’t necessarily have to be destined for the dump, we do our best to recycle, reuse or donate as many items as possible. When we are able to donate items on your behalf then we will send you back the tax receipt so that you can get a tax deduction that will more than likely cover the cost to have us remove the items.

At Fire Dawgs, when providing leftover yard sale item removal in Indianapolis, we do our best to ensure that the process is as stress free and economical as possible. This type of stress free service carries over into our brother company Moving Dawgs. So if you care cleaning out the garage to prepare for a move, then consider the professional movers at Moving Dawgs.

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