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Mattress Disposal Indianapolis

Mattress Disposal Indianapolis

Springtime is a time of cleaning out the old and bringing in the new. If you bought a new mattress during the winter or spring, you may have stored the old mattress in the basement or garage until it got warmer. If this is your situation, you may be in need of mattress disposal Indianapolis can trust.

Mattress Disposal Indianapolis

Mattress Disposal Indianapolis

Now, some townships offer heavy trash pick up programs every so often. However, not all heavy trash pick up programs take mattresses. Also, not every area offers heavy trash pick up at all. Make sure you check your trash company’s website to see if they offer this type of trash pick up service. If you need mattress disposal Indianapolis and the surrounding area can trust now- give us a call at 317-291-DAWG, and we will dispose and recycle your mattress quickly.

Mattress Disposal Indianapolis Cost

Now, you may be wondering how much it costs for mattress disposal. Dependent upon the size of the mattress, we can come to your property, remove the mattress and haul it away typically for between $105-140.However, if you are open to placing the mattress outside on the curb or just outside your garage where we can easily load the item and drive away, then we can also arrange a curbside service. The main difference between the two is that for a normal appointment window, we schedule a two hour window where we call ahead 20-30 minutes in advance.

For curbside mattress removal service, we will come haul away the item when we are in the area and when logistics permit between 8am-6pm. The other caveat is that we require the curbside service to be pre-paid.The curbside service is more affordable and can range from $50-100.

When you need mattress disposal Indianapolis can count on, we hope you’ll call the Dawgs at 317-291-DAWG. We also offer local dumpster rental if you have more items that need disposed of. Take care!

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